Best DJ Headphones Reviews & Guide In 2021

Being a DJ demands loads of effort and attention. You have got to pay attention to the music and the tracks coming up next, you have to cater to the needs of the crowds, and you’ve got to take care of your equipment! And taking care of your equipment doesn’t only involve handling and maintaining … Read more

Best 2.1 Speakers Review And Guide In 2021

Frankly, without the right sound, all sorts of media start losing their charm. Be it a movie or a game – the absence of depth of sound makes it all very dry and boring. Instead of enjoying, one starts facing trouble in maintaining focus. Well, it’s highly likely that you’re too well-aware of the struggle … Read more

Best Open Back Headphones Review And Guide In 2021

Are you tired of browsing through the stores and still being unable to find a pair of good open-back headphones (let alone the best)? Well, don’t worry, we see the problem here. Currently, most of the popular variants of open-back headphones hardly perform the way an actual open-back headphone should.  For the show, the open-back … Read more

10 Best DJ Speakers Reviews and Guide For In 2021


Do you love moving a leg to your favorite beat? Love partying all night long with music amplified, echoing around the house? If yes then, you surely need something to blow life into your parties. Of course, a traditional stereo won’t work great when you have crazy music friends visiting you for fun! Let the … Read more

10 Best Shotgun Mic Review And Guide In 2021


Crappy audio can lead all your creative content down the drain. Be it a short clipping or a one-hour long movie. Imagine uploading a YouTube video that forces the viewer to turn on the subtitles, only because the accompanying sound is too poor and mushy to listen. It’s disturbing and incomprehensible.  Eventually, the viewer will leave … Read more