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10 Best Shotgun Mic Review And Guide 2020

Crappy audio can lead all your creative content down the drain. Be it a short clipping or a one-hour long movie. Imagine uploading a YouTube video that forces the viewer to turn on the subtitles, only because the accompanying sound is too poor and mushy to listen. It’s disturbing and incomprehensible.  Eventually, the viewer will leave

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10 Most Durable Headphones Reviews & Guide 2020

Imagine playing as a lead in an intense battlefield game, and just when you’re about to launch your team’s attack, boom! The headphones are dead and static. They won’t deliver what the teammates are saying. And so, you open the chat box to see what’s going on, and as you do that, the opponent takes

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Best IEM Under 100 Review And Guide 2020

You’re here probably because you have a lot to do with recording studio mixing, analyzing live music performances, or perhaps performing on stage? Maybe you’re an aspiring vocalist trying to get an understanding of professional audio gear, hesitant with your baby steps in the field? In any case, we’re here to support your dreams, help

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10 Best Budget Audiophile Headphones Review & Guide 2020

Loving the highs and lows of your favorite tracks, being able to distinguish between the drums and thumps, and having audio preferences costs a lot. Literally and practically. Ordinary headphones won’t let you unravel and understand the true weave of notes. They would only provide you with some temporary entertainment. And so, for an audiophile,

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Best Headphones for Metal Music Review & Guide 2020

Are you finding the best headphones for death metal? Maybe the best headphones for heavy metal or ones enhancing your favorite gothic bass tracks? Or perhaps, you’re a die-hard fan of the entire genre and are looking for the best headphones for metal music? Well, if any of the cases are with you from the

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Best Earbuds for Xbox One Review And Guide 2020

If Xbox happens to be your primary gaming console, you might already be well aware of the struggle of finding the right earbuds. Not every set of earbuds is capable of providing you with the best sound to enhance your gaming experience. Plus, the compatibility issues also make the options quite very limited. Hence, finding

best wireless subwoofers
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Best Wireless Subwoofer Review And Guide 2020

Gone are the days when composers, performers, and DJs had to bear the burden of carrying a whole lot of heavy equipment and tangling wires from one place to another, only to share their love for music. Today, we live in an era wherein portability is becoming a primary need of every passion and industry.

best dac amp under 100

Best DAC Amp under 100 Review And Guide 2020

The market’s currently flooded with premium, flagship-level models offering bare-minimum functions at $500 or more. Of course, without a single hint of regret and apology. They claim to be offering products worthy enough. But you know the truth. And so, do we. But knowing the truth doesn’t help. Purchasing a durable and efficient DAC on