Best Sennheiser headphones for gaming

Gaming requires dedication,  skills,  and, most of all,  a good-quality gaming headphone. If you are a hobby or professional gamer,  you must know about the critical role that sounds play. Gamers determine their opponent’s location,  find fellow team members,  and stay rooted in the storyline with the help of sounds.

Yes,  visuals are an important part too. However,  visuals without sounds are useless.

Well,  Sennheiser has a big name when it comes to value-for-money gaming headphones. The company has even dedicated a complete headset range to gaming!

To help you,  we have articulated insightful reviews of the top 10 best Sennheiser Headphones for gaming, as well as a detailed guide.  Read to unravel more!

Sennheiser HD 598
Sennheiser GSP 300
Sennheiser HD 800 S
Sennheiser GSP 600
Sennheiser GSP 500
Sennheiser Game Zero
Sennheiser RS 195 wireless
Sennheiser HD 660 S
Sennheiser GSP 670
Sennheiser GSP 370 pop

Top 10 Best Sennheiser Headphones For Gaming 

1. Sennheiser HD 598 SR open-backTop-Rated

Sennheiser HD 598 SR open-back

Audiophiles and gamers are in search of a headset providing rich and balanced sound. The HD 598 SR open-back is one of the top-ranking Sennheiser gaming headphones that is available in the market for passionate gamers.

These headphones feature an open-back enclosure. Thus, these headphones having a top-notch outlook are an excellent source of sound realism and audio fidelity. The velour covering of the ear pads comforts the users during long term hearing sessions.

These headphones provide an exceptional value. So, it compels the users to recommend them highly. The design is ergonomic with lightweight material that helps you to use it without any fear. So, you can use it while jogging or upside down without reluctance.

Its compatibility with different audio devices like phones, tablets, computers, and stereo components makes it more premium and attractive.

The acoustic refinement of the headphones is ergonomic and channels the sound directly into the ears of listeners. So, in this way, you can get more sound realism and originality. It means you will feel present inside the game. This immersive feeling will add up to your gaming experience.

  • Detailed Audio

  •  Profound sound ambiance.

  • Lightweight material.

  •  Less coiled cables.

  • Increased comfort

  • Not durable

2. Sennheiser GSP 300 – Budget Buy

Sennheiser GSP 300 - Budget Buy

If you want to take your gaming experience to the highest levels, the GSP 300 is an excellent choice. By providing you an immersive feeling in the game, these headphones also allow the users to have the fun of all types of explosions and whispers.

Endless comfort adds to the gaming experience with the XL memory foam pads, and it enables you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

With their incredible price range, these headphones are cheap Sennheiser headphones that do not compromise the quality. Aesthetically, they are also appealing as they are available in fantastic color combinations.

 The design is also ergonomic. You can keep your personal life private with just one flip. Flip the microphone up to mute it and adjust it quickly when needed during intensive gaming sessions.

Along with all other features, the headphones also have versatility in their compatibility. The PVC adapter included in the headphones makes it possible to connect it with PC, Mac, mobile phones, Playstation 4, X box one, Nintendo Switch, and all other devices that hold 3.5 mm input.

  • Customized ear design

  • Fantastic Price range

  • Versatile incompatibility

  • Crispy and clear audio quality

  • Heart Touching aesthetics

  • Excellent acoustic protection

  • Flimsy cable

3. Sennheiser HD 800 S -Premium Pick

Sennheiser HD 800 S

These headphones from Sennheiser are the king of our list: best Sennheiser gaming headphones. These headphones are known for almost seven decades for their incredible audio quality.

HD 800 S has incorporated all the word class components that are responsible for the immersive playback. It has redefined the audio experiences in such a way that its exceptional highs, mids, and lows will blow your mind.

The design of the vented ear cups makes the expansion of sound waves too natural. So, it makes your gaming experience incredible and realistic. Besides the comfort, gamers also enjoy a grand soundstage. So, they categorize HD 800 S as a flagship-level model.  

The ear pads made from hand-made micro fibers guarantee endless comfort during long term gaming sessions. Along with fantastic sound stage, imaging, instrument separation, these are too lightweight to be carried.

These headphones have a balanced frequency response and also reduces the distortion with the help of transducers.

As all the high-end and durable components are synergistically working in this set, these headphones are the top priority of audiophiles and passionate listeners.

  • Grand soundstage.

  • Vibration damping chassis.

  • Luxurious padding.

  • Immersive acoustics.

  • Durable material.

  • Breath-taking audio quality.

  • High-end Instrument separation.

  • Lack of bass.

4. Sennheiser GSP 600

Sennheiser GSP 600

GSP 600 headphones with their extraordinary bass, magical highs, and marvelous middles are considered the best Sennheiser for gaming.

It provides you something that you are looking for and makes your experience of gaming marvelous. Its integrated acoustic seal helps you by a sharp noise cancellation that is appealing for passionate gamers.

Moreover, its headband is conveniently adjustable that helps you to fit it on your head. So, it guarantees the long-lasting comfort of the gamer. But some people think that the headset is too small in size to adjust inappropriately.

The metallic hinge is composed of durable and sustainable material that withstands the test of time. A warranty of 3 years adds to its features.

A Customized built-in volume adjusting wheel provides you an instant and visceral control over volume, and you don’t need to bother with adjusting volume during long gaming sessions.  

Clear-cut audio and active noise attenuation is remarkable for long term team communication, and its lift to mute mic feature will make your experience magical.

  • Decent replaceable ear paddings

  • Incredible audio quality

  • Endless comfort

  • Lifetime Durability

  • Excellent  clarity

  • Passive noise reduction

  • Customized volume control

  • Extensive compatibility

  • Small size

5. Sennheiser GSP 500

Sennheiser GSP 500

The best Sennheiser headphones in the market with high fidelity audio and natural sound are the Sennheiser GSP 500. These are the open-back headset specialized for gaming due to their spatial sound quality.      

The outlook is also attractive with the ergonomic design. The earpads are composed of a suede-like material. So, it helps you to keep the ears cool. Moreover, this suede-like material does not cling to the skin during intensive play.

Sennheiser GSP 500 are the best design for a gamer having long term sessions. On the fly, audio control is available in the form of an intuitive sound control wheel.

Easy flip-up is just needed to mute the mic. Thus, it makes your gaming experience fantastic and top-notch.

The positioning of the headphones is fit, so you can put on the headphones while running. With this, you don’t need to fear the damage of the headphones.

The build quality of the Sennheiser GSP 500 is superior, and it makes it durable and long-lasting. Thus these are categorized as the best Sennheiser headphones in terms of quality material and functionality.   

  • Pronounced bass

  • Top-notch comfort

  • Phenomenal build quality

  • Durable material

  • Easy Flip-up mute

  • Cheap volume knob

6. Sennheiser Game Zero

Sennheiser Game Zero

If you are looking for a Sennheiser headphone under 300, Sennheiser Game zero should be your priority. With their classic matte finish and black color, Sennheiser Game zero holds an economic and unified outlook.

The right ear cup contains a customized wheel that helps adjust the volume with a slight rolling of your finger. The spontaneous mute when you lift the boom is touching.

The headset is incredibly fantastic for the people working in a relatively calm environment. Moreover, the noise attenuating headset is responsible for providing a soothing and comfortable touch during long term conferences. Thus the mesh of good sound quality and noise cancellation makes the gaming experience awful.

The design of the foldable headset and hinge is designed for users to provide them a customizable fit. But this feature is neglected in other products. The lightweight of the ear cups not only prevents your head from squeezing but also adds to your comfort. 

A hard carry storage case provided with the headset will help the users to keep the headphones safe. It also adds to the life of the headphones. 

  • Sound realism

  • Exchangeable parts

  • Comfortable leatherette ear pads

  • Aviation-inspired outlook

  • Excellent bass

  • Customized Audio control

  • Separate storage case

  • Poor  noise cancellation

7. Sennheiser RS 195 wireless

Sennheiser RS 195 wireless

Many people in the world have hearing impairments as the audibility evolves with time. So, if you are facing any hearing issues while listening to music, Sennheiser RS 195 may be the best one under 500.

These headphones proficiently serve for minor hearing problems and provide a customized solution. You can tailor the audio settings to make them fit your needs.

A multi-functional transmitter is used that helps in charging the headset and also acts as a docking point. It also assists in automatic control as well as manual control. You will find both digital and analog inputs for connection with audio devices like TV, phones, tablets, etc. However, Bluetooth technology does not work with the headset.

A speech mode is also available that helps in noise cancellation for better transmission. Unparalleled audio quality is ensured by these Sennheiser headphones, thanks to its closed-back system.

It also comes with 2 AAA rechargeable batteries that give you 18 hours of working time. Although we think it’s quite amazing, some people consider it a drawback, saying that it is short for long listening sessions.

  • It enhances speech intelligibility.

  • Wonderful hearing aid.

  • Sound optimization.

  • Adjustable hearing profiles.

  • Rechargeable batteries.

  • Lag-free transmission.

  • Flimsy ear pads.

8. Sennheiser HD 660 S

Sennheiser HD 660 S

This new and legendary headphone is accompanied by many new features that enable it to provide transparent and accurate sound. Sennheiser gaming headphones got designed for demanding audiophiles so that they could enjoy every nuance of the music.

The transducers are improved in this headset to provide improved control over the diaphragm. So, this results in reduced distortion and transient response.

Premium listening pleasure is enjoyable in these headphones due to their lightweight. The open-back design of the headset keeps the ears cool by allowing airflow.

Soft velour ear cushions provide a luxurious touch and don’t let the user get tired during long gaming sessions.

Signal integrity is present in the gadget with the help of high-quality, integrated, and detachable cables. The cables are not too coiled or difficult to tackle. Plus, it comes with one lithium-ion battery that provides enough hours of play when fully charged.

The cables support high-end and versatile connectivity. It makes it easy to connect with both mobile audio systems or headphone amplifiers like Sennheiser HDV 820.  

  • Exceptional audio clarity.

  • Supreme comfort.

  • Innovative outlook.

  • Increased signal integrity.

  • Lifelike audio experience.

  • Versatile connectivity.

  • Stereo spatial characteristics.

  • Non-adjustable headband.

9. Sennheiser GSP 670

Sennheiser GSP 670

Premium audio quality is the primary thing that gamers don’t want to compromise. GSP 670 are the Sennheiser headphones good for gaming that guarantees an ultimate audio fidelity in the game.

 If you are looking for a headset that could provide lag-free transmission, you can rely on the Sennheiser GSP 670. Crystal-clear sound, high-end bass performance, and pinpoint audio cues are the quality features of these gaming headphones. 

You can enjoy the exceptional audio experience along with the freedom of movement because of dual wireless technology. The low latency helps the users to foster active interactions while gaming. Some people complain about the medium wireless range, but we believe it is not a matter to consider.

You can take a call while gaming by simultaneously pairing your headset with your phone. Moreover, the Bluetooth technology makes it possible to pick a call with just one touch.

An expert system is built-in for automatic on or off whenever you use the headset. So, it maximizes the battery life. Low latency wireless offers 16 hours of play, and Bluetooth provides 20 hours of the gaming session.

  • High audio quality.

  • Automatic power on and off.

  • Optimal comfort.

  • Digital sound processing.

  • Dual wireless technology.

  • Simultaneous pairing with two devices.

  • Medium wireless range.

10. Sennheiser GSP 370 pop

Sennheiser GSP 370 pop

Reading some Reddit reviews about the Sennheiser GSP 370 popped up skeptical thoughts about the gadget. But using it during gaming is a magical experience and compels to give it a 5.

After complete cognizance of the Sennheiser GSP 370, it was found incredible for audiophiles. Its rich sound gives an immersive feeling like you are present inside the game, and its integrated modern look is also appealing. 

The headphones are top-notch and can be categorized as the best Sennheiser headphones for gaming without any reluctance. Its flaky plastic that looks fragile in the very first look provides headphones an appreciable give. So they don’t feel like squeezing or compressing the head.

Unplugging and plugging the dongle each time you wake up the computer is a little bit annoying. But Its original sound, comfortable for more than 8 hours in a day, and battery life is too incredible to tolerate its negatives and compels me to use it for gaming.

  • Realistic sound quality. 

  • Modern appearance.

  • Flip to mute mic. 

  • 100+ hours battery timing.

  • Wireless headset.

  • Compatible with PC, Mac, and PS4.  

  • Hardly visible slider switch.

  • Hectic Connectivity to PC. 

  • Grayed-out noise cancellation.

  • Improperly working gaming suite. 

  • No battery life indicator.

How to select the Best Sennheiser Headphones for Gaming?   

Undeniably, there is a diversity of headphones present in the market.  Even with brand specified, finding the ideal gaming headphones requires knowledge about its components. 

Knowing can help you make a wiser purchase.  Below, we have articulated the most-essential specifications to evaluate in a gaming headset. Continue reading!

Closed-back VS Open-back

Headphones have different types of ear cup enclosure that affects sound quality and feasibility. These include closed-back and open-back headphones.

The closed-back headphones have sealed ear cups that do not let any sound escape into the ambiance. While this may reduce breathability and cause pressure build-up over extensive periods,  it blocks unwanted noise to interrupt your listening experience.

You can use these headphones anywhere, even in crowded gaming rooms. These offer great portability and convenience.

The open-back headphones have little holes in the ear cups that allow sounds to interfere with each other. You can hear what is going in your surroundings, whereas others can hear what you are listening to.

This particular feature benefits by maintaining the accuracy of the audio. There is no distortion caused by sound waves bouncing. Plus, these headphones are breathable and do not cause fatigue when listening for lengthy periods.

However, you cannot use these open-back headphones in a crowded atmosphere. You’ll require an isolated and silent place for clarity.

Over-Ear or On-Ear? 

Another category in gaming headphones is over-ear and on-ear. The over-ear headphones have large and huge ear cups that cover the entire ear.

These ear cushions rest on the area surrounding the ear instead of the ear itself. Hence,  it applies minimal pressure and makes the listening experience much more comfortable.

However,  some people prefer on-ear headphones that have smaller ear cups. These rest directly on the ears and can be inconvenient for longer listening sessions.

You should select between these two by taking personal preference into account. Both of these offer good sound isolation and affect the comfort level only. Apart from this,  opt for headsets with soft and thickly-padded ear cushions.

Audio Quality

The core objective of headphones is to provide audio quality, so they should excel at it.  Although every individual has different sound preferences,  the produced audio should be rich,  vivid,  and immersive.

Gaming headphones should offer unbiased and accurate sound quality. However, if you are a bass or treble enthusiast, you should opt for headphones that make these prominent in the audio.

Here are some other features to evaluate:

Frequency Response– It refers to the listening range of an ordinary human. While humans can hear between 20-20kHz,  you should opt for headphones with a slightly wider frequency response range.  Wider ranges will produce much clearer sounds. 

Active Noise Canceling– This particular feature functions to identify the unwanted noises from the ambiance and cancel them by producing an opposite wave.  Hence,  ensuring a crystal-clear listening experience.

Active noise-canceling headphones have integrated microphones for noise detection. Please don’t confuse it with regular communication microphones.

Surround Sound– Only a few headphones have surround sound technology, which refers to the production of dimensional audio.  It enables the listener to identify the direction from where the sound is coming in the game.


Headphones utilize two types of connections for operation; corded and cordless. Both connectivity options have their benefits and cons. 

The corded headphones use a cable to stay connected to a power source. These headphones offer a smooth and constant connection. However, it restricts one’s portability too. 

You cannot walk around when wearing these headphones. The cable length determines the portability of these headphones.

Cordless headphones utilize Bluetooth technology and the internet. These do not require any cable. You only have to pair the devices to make them work.

Unfortunately, while these extend portability, the smoothness of performance depends on the wireless technology used. At times, wireless headphones are unstable due to outdated technology or poor signals.  


When gaming,  communication with your team members matters a lot.  The purpose of the microphone in headphones is to make this communication seamless and smooth.

So,  hunt for a good-quality microphone that transmits crystal-clear and accurate voice.  An active noise-canceling microphone is another nice-to-have in gaming headphones.


Are Sennheiser headphones good for gaming?

Certainly, the Sennheiser company manufactures some of the best headphones for gaming. There is a headphone range dedicated, especially to gaming. It reflects the company’s deep insight into the topic.

Sennheiser knows and understands the requirements for gaming. It is why it has built some premium headphones only for gaming purposes. 

Is Sennheiser better than Bose?

Both Bose and Sennheiser are premium headphones brands in the industry. However, both use different techniques and technologies in their products.

Generally, Bose headphones are better in terms of pf build and quality. Meanwhile,  Sennheiser headphones excel at superior audio quality and functionality.

Final Words

Up till now,  we have evaluated the top-rated options provided by Sennheiser to gamers.  All of these headphones specialize in meeting gaming requirements.  However, if you still feel doubtful, then feel free to use the detailed guide to make a wiser purchase. Happy Shopping!

Last Updated on February 18, 2021