Best Open Back Headphones under $500

Open-back headphones can truly change the game. Be it for gamers or audiophiles. 

By building a truly immersive soundstage for users, these headphones bring the music to life. Instead of just listening to music, you can feel the music. Perhaps, this explains why professionals prefer using only open-back headphones when it comes to their studio needs.

Regardless of the universality and thrill offered by open-back headphones, they are not as easy to shop for. And by now, browsing through different pages, jumping here and there, we know you might have an idea.

Well, we know how challenging it can be to find the perfect open back headset at 500. The abundance of options out there can be truly confusing. 

Hence, we decided to cut down on the work for you. After thorough and rigorous evaluation, we have shortlisted the top 10 options for the best open-back headphones under 500.

Sony WH-1000XM4
Monolith M1060
SIVGA P-Ⅱ  Over Ear
Sennheiser Momentum 3
Sennheiser HD 600
Shure SRH1840
Pro Audio K712 PRO 
GRADO RS2e Reference
Meze 99 Classics over-ear

To 10 Best Open Back Headphones under $500

1. Sony WH-1000XM4 -Top Rated

Sony WH-1000XM4 -Top Rated

The Sony WH brings you to a next-level listening experience and provides all the necessary features in one set. These are exceptionally the best headphones for 200 $. This stylish headset helps you to outlive the market trends.

The playing time of more than thirty hours after a charge of only five minutes is appreciable. So, you can hear music on a long journey without fear of its switching off. The matte surface of the model gives you a vibrant feel.

The headphones are also available in two different exquisite colors like black and grey. The noise-canceling system of this headset exceeds the industrial and market standards.

There are two noise capturing microphones available on each ear cup. The microphone senses the noise in every environment and the dynamic noise attenuation system damps all the noise in real-time. So, you can listen to music or attend your calls with full transparency and clearness.

The sensors of the headset are also smart. The headphones switch automatically off when you take them off your head. Similarly, it also uses a sound enhancement system that helps you to listen to compressed music notes.

  • Ambient sound attention.

  • Flawless listening experience.

  • Premium audio quality.

  • Wearing detector.

  • Adaptive control.

  • Flimsy construction.

2. Monolith M1060 Over-Ear Planar -Budget Buy

Monolith M1060 Over-Ear Planar

If you want to enjoy a next-level music experience of your favorite beats and games, you must try these best 500 $ headphones for gaming. You will listen to an HD sound quality with this super resolving headset.

The high-end drivers installed in the set provide you the pure nuance of music by magnifying all the details of a sonic sound. Pinpoint sound imaging and less deterioration grab the attention of many audiophiles.

Another contrasting feature is the availability of planar drivers that are not available in the other parallel generations. The open-back design gives you an immersive feeling. You cannot differentiate between a live performance and playback by wearing these headphones.

The ambient noise control and full-time isolation add to its value. The comfortability of the listeners is also the priority of the Monolith.

 The ear cups made of faux leather gives you a comfy touch. The lining of walnut wood on the ear cups enhances the glamour of the set.

So, you can enjoy your music with full confidence using this headset. The amazing and the plus point is that all these features are available at a fair price.

  • Automated system.

  • Distortion-free.

  • Spectacular imaging.

  • Immersive experience.

  • Less noise attenuation.

3. SIVGA P-Ⅱ  Over Ear Open Back – Premium Pick

SIVGA P-Ⅱ  Over Ear Open Back - Premium Pick

The litmus test to check the credibility and fidelity of a headset is to hear it’s sound at different frequencies and estimate it’s endurance. If you check SIVGA P, you will find it at supreme level in terms of audio quality and sturdiness.

The headphones have a savage sound quality along with iconic design. So, you enjoy a marvelous experience of listening along with looking stylish. The innovative design of the headphones locks a diaphragm made of walnut wood. It brings elegance to the structure.

The signature design of the headphones is the fruit of countless efforts of the engineering team. So, you get a durable and long lasting headset. The components stand the test of time and do not undergo any damage even during jolting movements.

In short, this is the best 500 $ headphone for gaming. The ear cups are spacious enough and are made of protein leather. So you feel Super comfortable with this set on your head. Moreover, the extra space in the ear cups keeps your ears chill during tiresome sessions.

The set is so satisfying that it will be the last headphone you need.

  • Iconic design.

  • Boundless comfort.

  • Spacious ear cups.

  • Elegant look.

  • Savage sound quality.

  • Professional amplifier is required.

4. Sennheiser Momentum 3

Sennheiser Momentum 3 

The best budget open-back headphones that do not compromise the quality are the top priority of every audiophile. So, this momentum series from Sennheiser brings you the best of both budget and quality.

The patent sound and tailored audio of the headset provide you the utmost ease. You can keep on listening to music as well as attending a call. The coherence and symmetry are enjoyable while hearing the mid, highs, and bass. It is all due to the perfect ratification of sound.

The manifestation of the automatic off and on feature makes this headphone more incredible. The operation of the headphones is also super easy. It is because there is an assemblage of three buttons for handling.

You can harness the power of your dreams with a Bluetooth version of 5.0. The wireless connection of the headphones is ultra-fast. And the comfortable leather earmuffs leaves a tender effect on your head and ears.

Moreover, you can feel reminiscent of the traditional headsets in this model. The unveiled wires and strips give it a classical look. You can get an exceptionally comfortable headset with a one-time investment.

  • Classical look.

  • Ultra-fast connection.

  • Easy to carry.

  • Revised audio quality.

  • Coherent sound.

  • Cumbersome installation.

5. Sennheiser HD 600 Open

Sennheiser HD 600 Open

Sennheiser is revolutionizing the audio instruments with top-level innovations and high-end performance. Audiophiles and studio-dwellers take this top-notch brand as a reference. So, this headphone from Sennheiser will surely bring your dreams to reality.

These headphones having their supra-aural ear cups will help you to listen to a sonic sound and crisp audio. You will never think to put these headphones down after wearing them for once.

Hassle-free acoustics and supernatural experience is waiting for you in the form of these open headphones for gaming under 500 dollars. The headphones with diaphragms and the coils made of cast aluminum work efficiently. So, you get a rich and clear playback.

Magnetic systems packed with ferrous are also available on the headphones. So, you get a sensitive and transient response to every sound note. The lightweight aluminum coils, neodymium magnets, and diaphragm bring you optimal activity and dynamic functionality.

Another attention seeking feature is the availability of a detachable cord of copper. That helps you to move freely while having a gaming or listening experience.

This headset is highly dependable in each type of environment and enables you to enjoy premium-level results.

  • Exceptional response.

  • Portable.

  • Easiness of locomotion.

  • Flawless acoustics.

  • Relatively small soundstage.



These top-notch headphones fit best with their name “Sundara” , which means something beautiful. So, this headset seems very beautiful and stylish aesthetically. Moreover, it is also one of the remarkable sets that enables you to listen to every nuance of music.

The installation of NsD diaphragm in the headset makes it more sensitive. So, you can listen to each and every detail of the playbacks. The diaphragm is right percent more magnifying and gives you a detailed and resolved listening experience.

All the tunes and beats of the music are hearable to you due to this exceptional headset.  The sumptuous look of the headset makes you a stylish guy while walking on the road.

This product from HIFIMAN is also durable as it is stylish. The full metallic headband of the headset frees you from the fears of its damage. A headband connector is also available in the package that makes it more sturdy and impervious.

The hybrid design of the headset and its weight managing structure gives you the best of listening experience. So, enjoy with full heart using this beat open-back headphones under 400 $. 

  • Adjustable weight.

  • High resolution.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Durable.

  • Fashion conscious outlook 

  • Sheer build quality.

7. Shure SRH1840 Premium

Shure SRH1840 Premium


If you want to buy a premium quality performance with a sturdy framework at a reasonable budget, you must select this headset. These are the best open-back headphones for under 100 $. The gamers and listeners find these headphones amazing for their zealous gaming experience.

The drivers in the headset suits fulfill all your requirements regarding the sound. You will enjoy a remarkable experience of listening. The powerful sound beats, incredible high-frequency sounds, and high pitch will compel you to love this.

The headphones work exceptionally well on their own. But the design of the model is very optimal and compatible. That is why it also locks up the facility of an amplifier connection. The amplifier connection can give you a more lavishing experience.

The headset is also very persistent. It means it has a heavy-duty internal system. So, it will not deceive you while gaming. So, make sure to select it with one time investment.

This headset will last for a lengthy period without any fracture or damage. Because the headband of the set has cables made of stainless steel. 

  • Premium quality performance.

  • Optimal.

  • Compatible.

  • Portable.

  • Sturdy.

  • Exceptional sound stage.

  • Grayed-out noise attenuation.

  • Production of contemptuous noise.

8. Pro Audio K712 PRO 

Pro Audio K712 PRO 

The dream of music lovers, studio-inhabitants, and audiophiles can come true with these best open-back headphones for gaming. The headphones hold a vast soundstage in the form of open and over the ear design.

You can experience listening, monitoring and gaming with this reference headset. You can have a marathon of gaming sessions with this luxurious and spacious headset. The lavishing colors and the beautiful blend of orange and black make it more loveable.

 The impedance of the headset is low. So, you can overcome the power losses in this headset. It is because low impedance helps you to minimize the expenditures of energy.

The voice coils of the headset are super integrated. So, you can listen to every minor detail of your sound with a full-time resolution. The transducers available in the headset also gives you supernatural imaging and magnification of sound.

The best thing about the headset is that it compromises soft cushions of leather. So, you get high-end and long-lasting comfort with this exceptional headset. The headset brings you the true essence of music in a decent package.

  • King-size soundstage.

  • Boundless comfort.

  • Perpetual sound streaming.

  • Detailed audio.

  • Nebulous components.

9. GRADO RS2e Reference Series Wired

GRADO RS2e Reference Series Wired

This reference headphone from GRADO won the hearts of audiophiles and gamers with their unparalleled performance. The headphones also make you look stunning due to their iconic outlook.

This model from GRADO owns an outstanding look. The premium quality wooden headset gives you a traditional effect. Moreover, the combination of black and brown is really eye catching.  The headband made of brown shiny leather comforts the listeners. It also makes you distinctive from others.

The connection of the headphones has wired technology. The wired technology diminishes the lagging in the connection. So you become able to enjoy a flawless transmission without any deterioration. Moreover, the cable available in the package is very long.

The lengthy cord gives you a hassle-free connection. You don’t get annoyed due to tangling of cables or the short length of the cable. The lengthy cords and adjustable headbands adds to the comfort of the listener.

The drivers working for the functionality of the headset are also dynamic. They give you a magical sound with full isolation. The final verdict is that these are the best 500 $ headphones.

  • Magical sound.

  • Comfortable wear.

  • Robust connection.

  • Traditional look.

  • Eye-catching style.

  • Adjustable cable.

  • Slow response to low-frequency sounds.

10. Meze 99 Classics over-ear headphones

Meze 99 Classics over-ear headphones

Audiophiles remain in the quest for premium quality sound and sturdy build. Moreover, they used to like a stylish and iconic design to makeover their look. So, to quench your thirst for such a model, the Meze introduced this cheap open-back headphone for gaming.

It collected all the features like comfort, outlook, sound quality, and sturdiness in one place. Aesthetically, the combination of brown walnut wood with black and shiny leather makes it outstanding. The leather finish of the headband also gives comfort to the listener.

No additional clamping force bothers you with this adjustable headband and large-size ear cups.

The walnut wood also increases the durability of the model. The user did not fear its breaking in case of falling from a height.

You will enjoy a boatload of details with this exceptional headset. The assembly of the drivers and amplifying systems is also splendid. You get to know a rich and precise audio quality without any ambiguity.

The wired connection is available, and a lengthy cord is also present in the package. You can lay down very conveniently due to a long cable by placing your tablet aside.

  • Precise assembly.

  • Comfortable.

  • Stylish outlook.

  • Adjustable.

  • No extra pressure.

  • Serviceable.

  • Overheating of the ear pads.

How to Choose the Best Open Back Headphones Under 500? 

When purchasing open-back headphones under 500, one would probably think they are being specific and will get the desired product immediately. But,  hey,  you are highly mistaken if you are thinking like that! 

Below, we have articulated some must-know specifications about open-back headphones before making the final decision. Using these,  you would definitely get the idealistic product in no time. Good Luck!

On-Ear VS Over-Ear  

There are two fundamental types of headphones that you’ll come across;

On-Ear Headphones

These have small,  circular ear cups that rest directly on the ear frame when worn. Some people find this style quite convenient. 

However,  due to the design, one can not wear these headsets for longer sessions. Its frame applies all the pressure on the ears, causing ache overtime. 

Over-Ear Headphones

Unlike on-ear,  these headphones have large,  oval-shaped ear cushions. The massiveness engulfs the entire ear as well as the area surrounding it.  

A majority of headphones users prefer over-ear due to the comfort offered. It doesn’t apply much pressure, which makes it suitable for all long and short listening sessions.  

However, some users with smaller ears or heads find handling the massive size a bit inconvenient.

You should be vigilant about the type when purchasing headphones. Also,  do not forget to overlook the aspect of comfort.  

The ear cup should have thick-padding and softness.  Hard and stiff cushions can be quite tiresome on ears. The headband is also an important part of comfort. So,  it should be flexible and thick too.  

Audio Quality 

Sound production is the core function of headphones. However, while all headphones produce audio, not all offer a good sound quality.

Generally,  a good-quality headset will provide a rich, detailed,  and clear audio. But, you can take things a little more high-end with a little research.

Surround Sound

The surround sound system brings a phenomenal audio realism to the listening experience. It produces multi-dimensional sounds to create a moving effect. You’ll feel as if you are present in the concert, listening to the original song.  

Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation technology makes the audio produced a lot clearer and vivid. It utilizes integrated microphones to identify unwanted noises from the ambiance. Then,  it cancels them by producing equally-opposites sound waves.


Wireless or Wired-there are only two options when it comes to connectivity in headphones. Open-back headphones are available in both connectivity formats in the market.

The wired headsets use a cable to connect them to a power source constantly. These headphones offer a phenomenal performance as long as they remain linked to the power source.  

You will encounter no lagging, interruption, or poor quality using wired headphones. However,  they have a limited portability. The wire length determines how far the users can take the wired headphones.

Comparatively, the wireless headphones have Bluetooth compatibility to ensure wireless transmission. You can pair the headphones with any Bluetooth-capable device and stream music! 

As there is no cord involvement, you can take the headphones anywhere anytime.  But,  be vigilant about the signals and network strength. Wireless headphones can lose connection quite easily. 

Battery Life 

Are you considering getting wireless open-back headphones? Well,  then do not forget to evaluate the battery life of the headset.  

Battery life refers to the time period a single charge lasts for wireless headphones. It has a direct impact on device usability,  which makes it quite an important feature.  

Usually, wireless headphones have a battery life between 5 to 40+hours. The more the battery life,  the better your experience will become.

Design & Build

Both aesthetics and durability are valuable aspects of headphones.  The exterior designing,  color scheme,  and prints contribute to the visual appeal. You can only get those premium feels and enjoy wearing your headphones when you find them aesthetically-pleasing. 

Moreover,  the build of the headphones must comprise quality materials to increase its lifespan. For many, headphones are an item of daily use. So,  durability is an absolute necessity.

In case you feel doubtful about quality  then always purchase headphones that come with warranty or guarantee. 


The microphone is certainly a nice-to-have feature and not every open-back headset will offer it.  However, an integrated high-grade mic can make the world of a difference! 

People who use headphones for online classes,  meetings,  or communication might find a microphone of great value. Also,  gamers who have to communicate with the team members see it as of immense significance.

A microphone can convey messages quite easily.  The presence of noise-cancelling technology is another bonus to make your conversations crystal-clear! 


What are semi-open headphones?

Well, as the names suggest, semi-open headphones are those that feature the attributes of both open-back and closed-back. Instead of complete perforations on the backside of its earcups. These do not leak sound as much as the open back ones. However, that also means there’s a compromise on the spaciousness. 

How much should you spend on open-back headphones?

Well, that depends. Open-back headphones are available at as low as 50 dollars. But these are also available at as high as a thousand dollars. So, you have both options. 

Now, coming to the parent concern, i.e., how much you should spend. Well, if you are only exploring your audiophile interests, then opt for something low-budget. However, if you are practicing your skills and getting better by the day, then feel free to spend that which your pocket allows. Certainly, the more you spend, the better headset you will get.

 Final Words 

Summing up, purchasing open back headphones under 500 might as well be your next best decision in life. Don’t you think the same?

With these, you need not put up with static music. Instead, you can unravel and enjoy its true beauty. We hope you find your perfect match in the best open back headphones under 500 listed above. If not, know that you can always go with the top-rated one. Being an all-rounder, it will suffice your needs for sure!

Last Updated on September 20, 2021

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