Best Open-Back Headphones under $200

Finding the best open-back headphones under 200 can be much of a challenge. We know you don’t want to spend too little and buy something cheap. And we know you don’t wish to spend too much since you’re only exploring your audiophile interests.

For this very reason, we compiled this complete and comprehensive buying guide for the best open-back headphones. Here, you will not only find your top ten options, but you will also get a complete hold about what to seek. Let’s get straight into it!

AKG M220 Pro
Sennheiser PC 373D
AKG Pro Audio K612 PRO
Drop + HIFIMAN HE-35X 
Philips X2/27
Beyerdynamic DT 990
Sennheiser HD 599 

Top 10 ten Best Open-Back Headphones under $200

1. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X – Top Rated

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X - Top Rated

Audio Technica is revolutionizing the industry of audio instruments by the production of top-level products. This model is the best open-back gaming headphones under 150 $.  This headphone containing multiple features gives you the best of both audio quality and built-in.

The user wears no pressure or any clamping force on the head. This feature obliges the open-ear design of the model. Your ears don’t get sore with this comfortable headset, and you can enjoy long term playbacks with almost no fatigue.

The design of this model of Audio-Technica is ergonomic. The casing of the ear cups has a honeycomb-like style. Thai honeycomb-like helps to provide premium sound quality along with active noise attenuation. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the weight of the set.

The headphones also hold an integrated power coil. So, you get a maximum of superior quality noise and natural sensation. The headset comes with a cord on a single side to give you hassle-free wear. The cable has an encapsulation of TPE that adds to its durability. Moreover, you don’t get bored with the hanging wires.

  • Portability.

  • Hassle-free wear.

  • Maximum power saving.

  • Durable.

  • Reduces pressure.

  • Grayed-out noise dampening.

2. AKG M220 Pro Stylist Studio Headphones – Budget Buy

AKG M220 Pro Stylist Studio Headphones - Budget Buy

This model of AKG M220 is also one of the high definition and recommendable studio headphones. It is also one of the best open-back headphones for under 150 dollars. Moreover, the rugged construction of the headphones adds to their value.

So, you will make a good investment by buying these premium quality headphones. The semi-open design of the headphones and the availability of two different-sized headbands make it more loveable. The large and spacious ear cups of 4.25” gives you comfortable wear.

The premium white color of the headset makes it look more attractive and captivating. So, you can go for a pro-level experience with this top-notch headset.

The best thing about the headphones is that their impedance is remarkable. The 62-ohm impedance helps you to use this headset directly without connecting any amplifier. The headphone will give you loud and clear music with any required resolution.

A balanced and natural sound is enjoyable using this headset. Moreover, if you wait for a high-end bass, you will get a smooth and realistic bass without any lagging. Enjoy the pure music with this set.

  • Natural sound.

  • Realistic experience.

  • Premium touch.

  • Comfortable.

  • Adjustable.

  • No booming.

  • Poor noise canceling.

3. GRADO SR225e Prestige – Premium Pick

GRADO SR225e Prestige - Premium Pick

An open-back headphone for gaming is the top demand of audiophiles and passionate gamers. Because an open-back headphone gives you the true essence of gaming along with the awareness of your surroundings.

So, these best 200 dollars headphones for gaming are in the pursuit of lavishing experience. The sturdiness and durability are manageable due to the metallic casing of drivers. The ear pads made from supreme plastic also show perseverance.

The headphones can also for many years without any wear or tear.  The plastic doesn’t get damaged even after falling from a height. It depicts the sturdiness of headphones. These are the best for audiophiles loving metallic and solid bass.

The sound quality is very fantastic. If you like real sound, these will be the best headphones for you. They don’t emphasize the sound and don’t make the bass booming.

The open-back design of the headphones keeps you in touch with the surrounding environment along with gaming. However, some people find these headphones a bit useless because they don’t provide isolation.

These sturdy headphones will take your gaming experience to another level.

  • Excellent build quality.

  • Real sound response.

  • Solid bass.

  • Powerful signal.

  • Sturdy hardware.

  • Classical look.

  • Stereo-like sound.

  • No isolation.

  • Flimsy lining.



These cheap open-back headphones blend the premium quality of sound with enhanced comfortability. We know the first ambition of an audiophile is to have a perfect sound without any background noises. So, these headphones are in the pursuit of superb audio quality.

Several improvements made in the previous generations are very revolutionizing. These amendments help to reduce the weight of the model up to thirty percent. So, you can take this headphone very conveniently while traveling.

 The ear cups made of the polymer have a glossy charcoal finish. It gives the headset a premium and dynamic look. Moreover, the adjustment of pressure in this headset makes it super comfortable and adjustable. 

The diaphragm has a lightweight that enables it to respond very quickly. So, an enhanced sensitivity is enjoyable in this headset as compared to its rival generations. Dynamic bass and treble are also the striking qualities of this gaming headphone.

The magnetic processor of the model is responsible for high-frequency and transparent sounds. So, you get the essence of all premium features in this single model within a reasonable price. Opt for this top-notch headset and be the master in your listening skills.

  • Portability.

  • Lightweight.

  • Vibrant look.

  • Sensitive.

  • Pressure-Adjustment.

  • Sheer cable material.

5. Sennheiser PC 373D

Sennheiser PC 373D

One of the best open-back wireless gaming headsets is Sennheiser PC 373D. Several striking features are available in this gaming headset. You can quench your thirst for perfect sound in a reasonable amount of 200 $ using this headset.

The prime feature of the headphones is that it holds a sound processor of 7.1. It enables the user to fascinate himself with exceptional realism and immersive experience. Versatile compatibility ranks these headphones as the best gaming headset.

And the contoured fit of the earcups helps to propel the sound waves directly into your ear channel. So, you don’t face any bleeding of voice from earfuls while using this model.

 A revolutionized software gives the choice of four different sound adjustments. So, you can set the loudness and frequencies according to your needs. The microphone packs an active noise canceling system that assists in the provision of crystal clear sound.

Moreover, the lift-to-mute microphone feature makes it usable during the tiresome gaming experience. You can take your calls with ease having jolting movements. This comfortable wear is obliged to the adjustable and steadfast fit of the model.

  • Easy handling.

  • Comfortable.

  • Open-ear.

  • Customized sound adjustment.

  • Superb realism. 

  • Extra clamping force

6. AKG Pro Audio K612 PRO

AKG Pro Audio K612 PRO

An integrated headset ensuring premium-quality sound, sturdy hardware, and reasonable price is the top priority of an audiophile. If you are interested in such an open headphone for gaming under 200$, you can opt for AKG Pro Audio K612 PRO.

A well-defined and supernatural sound is the striking feature of the headset. The integrated system of the headphones works with proficiency to give you crystal clear audio. You can create an ambiance for enjoying your music or playback.

The signature sound of K612 PRO helps to categorize this headset in top-ranked models. Moreover, the enhanced comfort is enjoyable with this headset. So, you cannot look down upon this top-notch headset.

This headset locks an open-ear design. So, the user can get comfortable wearing while enjoying lengthy playbacks. The highly-precise soundstage is available to the user in this superior-quality model that makes the listening experience incredible.

The innovative diaphragm technology is the revolutionary patent of the headset. This technology comes with two layers of different thicknesses. By lining up with this feature, the neodymium drivers become more operational. So, a user can enjoy a high fidelity sound.

  • Innovative.

  • Enhanced comfort.

  • Supernatural sound.

  • Hassle-free connection.

  • Intelligent operating system.

  • Hissed sound production.

7. Drop + HIFIMAN HE-35X 

Drop + HIFIMAN HE-35X 

This top-quality model from HIFIMAN gives an ultra-fast and peaceful experience. These best 200 $ headphones are known for their pure audiophile performance. Even at the entry-level, these headphones provide a metallic and electrical bass.

The premium feature of this headset is that it locks a bass filtering system. This system enables the user to enjoy a perfect treble without any infirmity.

You can also adjust the path of sound waves with the help of rotatable ear cups. The metal hinge makes it more durable and sturdy. So, you get an exceptionally comfortable and confident experience with this headset. The ear pads made of leather and velour gives you a soothing effect.

The porous design of the ear cups and black matte casing adds to its style. This headset broke the records of all previous generations of its type in terms of premium quality and integrated hardware.

The company also improved the response to the frequency in this headset. The Compact drivers present in the built-in assists in full-time response to the different frequency sounds.

  • Reinforced material.

  • Perfect treble.

  • Pure and realistic bass.

  • Super soft.

  • Comfortable.

  • Lightweight.

  • Extraordinary sensitivity.

  • Lack of magnetic drivers.

8. Philips X2/27 Fidelio Over-Ear Headphone

Philips X2/27 Fidelio Over-Ear Headphone

Phillip never fails to amaze us. Be it an under 2000 headphone or an under 200 headset – the headphones only promise a flagship-level listening experience. The only aspect they’d ask you to compromise on is the additionals for the given price.

Philips headsets will brilliantly meet your expectations from a headset below 200. Being open-back and equipped with the best 50 mm neodymium drivers, these cans will bring the musical notes to life. These will build a spacious surround sound, helping you detect which sound comes from which instrument and at what angle.

In terms of comfort and looks as well, you will be awed at this headset’s beauty. It features airy padding underneath the headband, along with replaceable foamy ear pads. When worn, the weight of premium construction materials gets balanced out. The use of top-notch quality materials also makes the headset durable. However, it may not come with any fancy accessories.

  • Premium build 

  • Robust 

  • Excellent sound

  • Cool looks

  • Removable ear pads

  • Doesn’t come with accessories

9. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO open Studio Headphone

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO open Studio Headphone

When it comes to open-back headphones, there’s no way you wouldn’t hear about DT 990 Pro. This iconic creation from Beyerdynamic’s labs has taken the tech community by storm.

These dynamic headphones come with a wide frequency range of about 5kHz to 35kHz. Hence, along with reproducing a spacious soundstage, it tends to pick every single detail from across the sound spectrum. Consequently, you will have a rich and vivid listening experience.

 It comes equipped with soft viscose earpads and a rugged headband. Thus, maximizing comfort for longer listening sessions. Plus, you can easily replace the headband pad, which makes the headphones all the more convenient for use. Since the cable is coiled, maintenance is also super easy. As for the downsides, we’re pretty much at a loss of solid points (it’s that good!). But we can say that it may require the use of an amplifier to exhibit its full potential.

  • Replaceable headband pad

  • Replaceable earpads

  • Easy maintenance

  • Spacious soundstage

  • Wide frequency response

  • May require amplifier

10. Sennheiser HD 599  

Sennheiser HD 599  

Detailed sounds, sturdy build, and top-notch performance are the appealing features of this headphone.

 The E. A. R. Design of the model gives you a sophisticated experience of listening. You do not feel any interruption or distortion with this set of Sennheiser.

Aesthetically, the headphones are very iconic and have a vibrant look. The ivory color of the headphones with a shiny and glittery surface gives you a premium feel.

The headphones hold an open ear design that enables the user to hear a transparent sound with high-end bass and treble. The headphones’ propriety transducer also balances different tones and gives you every detail of the gaming playback.

Versatile compatibility and connectivity are also enjoyable. There are two different cables available in the headset. So, you can connect it with your iPad, mobile laptop, or your home music system. This versatility makes it suitable for every type of audiophile.

All the components used in the headphones are very durable and integrated. The coils in the transducer are of aluminum. So, you get a premium quality experience in the commodity of sturdy hardware.

  • Durable

  •  Distortion-free.

  • Versatility in connection.

  • Integrated hardware.

  • Stylish look.

  • A. R. Technology

  • High-end bass.

  • Flimsy lining of cable.

How to Choose the Best Open-Back Headphones Under 200?

Well, when shopping on a set budget for headphones, you don’t have much choice about what features you want in the headset. Instead, you have to choose a headset based on which combination of features best suits your preferences. 

Nevertheless, that still does not eradicate the need for a good and comprehensive buying guide to lead you through. Below, you will find all aspects that you ought to consider when buying open-back headphones under 200.

Wired VS Wireless

Perhaps, the very first thing that you need to decide is whether you want a wireless headset or a wired one. Surely, both have their pros and cons. 

Wireless headphones promise greater portability and mobility. These are much easier to use and the best pick for frequent travelers. 

Wired ones, on the other hand, are much better at transmitting sound signals. The wired connection ensures a smooth flow, which also makes it the best choice for open-back headphones. However, it restricts you to a certain place. Moreover, wired headphones are much more inexpensive as compared to wireless headsets.

Audio Quality

To assess the audio quality of a certain headset, you will need to examine a few technical specs, including impedance, sensitivity, and frequency range. 

Impedance is the measure of ohms. It’s the amount of power that a headset will consume in ohms to drive the drivers. Hence, the greater the number of ohms, the greater the amplification would be. Usually, you should look for 50 ohms – 200 ohms. Anything above that may be very powerful and may require an additional amplifier for operation. Note that higher power values are of little to no use when it comes to mobile phones and mini playback devices.

Sensitivity refers to the quantities you read in decibels. It is the measure of the loudness of the headset’s output. By the rule of thumb, the greater the sensitivity, the louder the headset will be. 

The frequency range is the technical spec you read in Hertz. It determines how brilliantly the headset will pick the highs and the lows. For average listening experience, the frequency response or range should lie between 25 Hertz and 25000 Hertz. 


When you settled for open-back instead of closed-back, we believe, you chose comfort. Perhaps, you did not want the pressure building up. Maybe, you wanted to enjoy a comfortable surround sound for longer listening sessions. And you did rightly so.

Other than that, the comfort factors that you need to look into include the weight of the headset as well as its construction material. You want to opt for a lightweight frame. 

As for the earpads, check if they’re soft and plushy. Thin ear pads fail to balance the frame’s weight. The adjustability of headbands will serve as a plus. It will keep you from putting up with smaller sizes that pressurize your temples or big sizes that do not stay in place.

Additional Features

Like every other purchase, additional features in headphones makes their use a whole lot easier. For example, a couple of extra cables will save you from buying the cables separately or purchasing a whole new headset if the current ones get damaged. Similarly, if the frame is foldable, it becomes much more portable.

Technically, you ought to look for ANC, i.e., Active Noise Cancellation, which eradicates ambient noises. Thus, allowing you to focus on the sound. Additional microphones make voice calls even more convenient.


Lastly, don’t forget to check for the brand’s reputation. Most people shopping on budget neglect this aspect, thinking that no good brand would offer a headset at such as low cost. However, we hope our list of ten best open-back headphones proved otherwise. Assessing the brand name will help you determine the durability and performance of the headset with ease.


How much do the best open-back headphones cost?

Speaking factually the best open-back headphones may cost thousands of dollars. The greater the price, the more premium the feels. You know how it goes. However, if you are an aspiring audiophile or musician right now, settling for mid-range variants like those under 200 would serve you fine.

How long does a pair of good headphones last?

The life of your headphones has a direct relation to their price and the brand that they come from. If you are purchasing a headset that costs less than 100, you can expect it to last less than a year. However, if you purchase a pair worth thousands, you can expect it to last for more than five years.

Final Words

Hurray! Now, you know all essentials about purchasing the best open-back headphones, that too smartly. Create a list of specs you prioritize and pick a piece accordingly. If the decision becomes too confusing and challenging, then we’d advise you to go with our top-rated variant. It’s popular for a reason, you know! With that said, enjoy shopping for your next best pair of headphones!

Last Updated on March 17, 2021