Best Open-back headphones under $100

So, you’re searching for the best open-back headphones? We suppose you have finally uncovered the unrivaled surround-sound awesomeness offered by these headphones!

Sure, closed-back headphones can keep the sound from leaking and serve as an excellent barrier between you and the ambient noise. But they most definitely, do not provide the comfort and spaciousness that an open-back headset is capable of offering.

If you seek the best open-back headphones under 100, we understand your struggle. Finding the best and picking one from amongst the sea of headphones might as well seem impossible. But well, since we’re here for you, you need not worry. We will not only get you to your best options but also help you shop on a budget! Let’s get to it!

VANKYO Gaming Headset
Riwbox WB5 Bluetooth 5.0
Razer Kraken Gaming Headset
Koss 155524 UR40
Sennheiser HD 800 S
Philips Audio SHP9500
Audio Technica ATHPDG1
Superlux HD 681
Samson Technologies SR850
NUBWO Gaming headsets

Top 10 Best Open-back Headphones for under $100  

1. VANKYO Gaming Headset CM7000 – Top Rated

VANKYO Gaming Headset CM7000

When browsing for the top-rated gaming headsets,  you are not likely to find VANKYP on the first-appearing lists. True,  the brand is not so popular but the absence from top-rankings does no justice to its amazing specifications.

The VANKYO Gaming Headset CM7000 is a premium-grade open-back headphone made from genuine materials.  It has a sturdy and quality build that makes it resistant to all types of damages.

It has a dark-colored, edgy exterior that looks quite impressive at a glance. However, some people may not prefer such a bold appearance.

These headphones feature thick,  soft,  and extremely flexible ear cushions. Its headband is also soft and heavily-padded.  So,  you’ll feel quite comfortable upon wear. 

As for performance, these headphones have to surround sound technology. It delivers an immersive and rich listening experience that makes you feel a part of the game.

There is outstanding clarity,  accuracy,  and originality. Plus,  you will find no distortion of notes. 

The VANKYO Gaming Headphone also features a noise-canceling microphone that assists you in communicating easily with team members. These open-back headphones are also compatible with numerous gaming gadgets.  So,  you can use it for various applications.

  • Comfortable

  • Sturdy

  • Good audio quality

  • Noise-canceling mic

  • Extended compatibility

  • Not so aesthetic

2. Riwbox WB5 Bluetooth 5.0 – Budget Buy

Riwbox WB5 Bluetooth 5.0 - Budget Buy

With classy black and golden, shiny finish, these are the best under $ 100 open headphones for gaming. The headphones are the top best tier of music products with striking features and a long-term warranty.

The headphone locks a powerful battery of 300 mah that helps the user enjoy a fantastic playing time of 8 hours. It can work up to 18 hours if it is on standby mode. 

The dual connectivity of the headset simultaneously adds to its excellence. Another encouraging feature of the headset is the availability of six different EQ modes. All this helps you to choose the voice loudness according to your inflection and mood.

In short, the system of these gaming headphones is very brisk and intelligent. The comfortability is also never discredited by this headset due to breathable ear-cushions. The headset keeps you snug and comfortable even during jogging and running.

So, in addition to gaming, the headphones suit all types of audiophiles. This helps you to explore your tunes while studying, traveling, and working. The dual connectivity via wired and wireless mode make it more fantastic.

  • Aristocratic wearing

  • Breathable structure

  • Contoured fit

  • Intelligent voice control

  • Excellent playing time

  • Poor Construction

3. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset – Premium Pick

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset - Premium Pick

Minimalistic and modish, the mercury version of the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset is simply loveable!

The white and grey-colored exterior is aesthetically-pleasing. You will feel amazed by how good they look upon wear. 

These headphones comprise high-quality and genuine (bauxite and aluminum) materials that make them super sturdy too.  You can use them quite intensively and roughly without worrying about damages. 

Also,  the over-ear cushions feature an innovative cooling-gel infusion technology. It keeps the ear cushions cool and prevents heat buildup during extended playtime. You can listen and play for consecutive hours easily!

Having a lightweight frame,  these Razer Kraken Gaming headsets put negligible pressure on the head. You won’t have sore ears or head after wearing these headphones.

These quality headphones feature a 7.1 surround sound system that makes the resultant audio immersive. It has integrated 50-mm drivers, which produce high-quality audio.

It delivers an unbiased, crystal-clear listening experience. However, at low volumes,  the Razer Kraken Mercury Headphones might not sound as clear as high volumes.

There is also a noise-canceling microphone to communicate with other team members conveniently. You will experience minimal distortion.

  • Aesthetic

  • Good audio performance

  • Comfortable

  • Noise-isolating mic

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Easy-to-use

  • Not so clear at low volumes

4. Koss 155524 UR40

Koss 155524 UR40

The UR40 is an innovative model of open-back gaming headphones under 100. The headset locks powerful components and offers high-fidelity and natural sound. The endurance and long life-time are the main attractive features of the product.

KOSS warrants the sturdiness of the merchandise by providing a hard film of titanium on the components. It brings vitality to the structure and reduces the chances of mechanical abrasion up to a greater extent.

The device continues on working with low voltage devices and never negotiates on the high-end sound production. The system of the UR40 is smart enough to detect a wide range of frequencies from 15-22,000 hertz. The uprightness of sound is all due to loops made of copper. 

The crossbreed design of the headset and ear mats made of leather helps in the improvement of bass. The lightweight of 6 ounces makes the headphones wearable for long listening sessions. The shielded ear cups have the way for the air that gives a calming effect to skin-sensitive peoples.

The headset is also settling in terms of portability and accommodation. You can take it easy due to its lightweight and flexible structure.

  • The exquisite quality of the material

  • Comfortable

  • Immersive encounter

  • Long-term guarantee

  • Frail lining

5. Sennheiser HD 800 S

Sennheiser HD 800 S

You can get a more detailed experience of sound with this best open-back gaming headphone. Sennheiser HD 800 S has set a reference for determining the performance of other models. The sound is so clear and compels you to imagine the recording as a live performance.

Sennheiser HD 800 S is capable of this remarkable performance due to the classical and integrated blending of top quality hardware. The synergy of pristine sound and vibration attenuating chassis make this headset best for music lovers.

The smooth and luxurious fabric of the ear pads and the around-the-ear design ensures a long term comfort and noise-free listening experience. The lining of the cable is very sturdy and has oxygen-free windings.

The circular transducer set at the heart of the headphones is responsible for a dynamic and quick response. The same fast response is enjoyable over the entire range of frequency regardless of the device you are using.

 Two cables are available in the package for providing you versatile connectivity. In short, you can explore a new experience of music with this classic and dynamic headset.

  • Compact design

  • Fast connection

  • Dampening of vibrations

  • High-end sound quality

  • Luxurious fit

  • Low bass  

6. Philips Audio SHP9500

Philips Audio SHP9500

You can steal pure leisure and enjoyment with this best headphone for gaming for under 100 $. The purpose behind the production of this classical headset is to provide the user an authentic and hassle-free listening experience.

A transparent sound and smooth functionality are the contrasting features of this gaming headset that makes it unique and adorable. The headset has a very low impedance that makes it workable in the absence of amplifiers.

The dedication of Philips towards ergonomic structure and high-standard sound has made this headset famous among audiophiles. You can refine your listening and gaming experience with the neodymium drivers available in the headset. So, this headset provides high fidelity and transparent sound.

The acoustics is manageable in this innovative model due to the open-ear design and magnetic drivers. The drivers placed at an angle to your ears make the flow of sound waves smoother. So, they move into your ear channel directly.  

Strength and Durability are achievable due to the steel components like that of the headband. Comfortability is sustainable due to headbands made of a double layer of cushions. You can also add a microphone for managing your calls using a 3.5 mm jack available.  

  • Durable

  • Customized

  • Easy to use

  • Comfortable

  • Transparent sound

  • Non-replaceable ear-cushions

7. Audio Technica ATHPDG1

Audio Technica ATHPDG1

With this open-back wireless gaming headset, you can enjoy the full spectrum of sounds and melodies. A real-time experience of gaming is available with this headset. Along with the transparent sound, the headphones also ensure the feel of an open-ear construction.

The headphones are very convenient to use even during long-term gaming sessions. It is because the structure of the headset is very resilient and comfy. The roomy ear cups help to cool your ears during intense sweating.

A booming microphone is also available in the structure that aids in taking calls and producing crystal clear sound while gaming. There are three cordages available in the package for boom microphone, extension, and smartphone connection.

It means that this innovative headset has all the necessary accessories with it. The drivers of the headset have a quick response to all types of frequencies of an extensive range.

Another striking peculiarity of the headset is that the wires available in the package are easily detachable. It ensures the freedom of action. The availability of three different exquisite colors with a matte glaze makes this headset reasonable fantastic.

  • Wide frequency range

  • Excellent sound quality

  • Best for gaming

  • Pristine sound

  • Sheer material

8. Superlux HD 681

Superlux HD 681

To listen to the surrounding environment besides listening to music, these are the best open headphones under 100 $. The package is very promising and suitable as it holds high-quality, durability, and integrity.

Due to the intelligent and brisk built-in system, the headphones are popular among professional audiophiles. No sound leakage is observable while using this headset. A premium listening experience with full-time isolation urges to recommend it up to a greater extent.

The hi-fi imaging and amplified resolution make these headphones very efficient. So, you can use this for recording, mixing, vocals, and monitoring purposes.

A coated adapter and a storage casing are also available in the package. It helps the user to carry it with ease without causing any harm to the product.

The reliable sound accuracy is the predominant attribute of this headphone. Moreover, there is no difference in the quality of sound over any volume or frequency.

You can wear these headphones for several hours in a row without any signs of fatigue or soaring of ears. The ear pads are super comfortable and soothing. Moreover, you can replace the ear pads in case of any wear or tear.

  • Replaceable ear pads

  • Sustainable components

  • Resonant sound

  • Extended persistence

  • Easy to carry

  • High-end retreat

  • Stifled sound generation

9. Samson Technologies SR850

Samson Technologies SR850

The Samson Technologies SR850 headphones are one of the best ones available in the gaming market. It has over-ear ear cups that offer excellent sound isolation and comfort.

They have thick-padding and pillow-like soft, which makes longer listening sessions convenient. Its headband also has immense flexibility. So, you won’t get tired at all, even after hours of listening.

Surprisingly,  these headphones have semi-back ear cups that is a unique feature. The headphone merges the beneficial qualities of both open-back and closed-back headphones. Hence,  eliminating all cons related to the ear cup structure. 

The Samson Technologies SR850 is exceptionally good at increasing the breathability of the headphones. It produces audio with immense clarity and originality.

You will hear everything accurately and clearly while playing games. However,  if you are one of the bass enthusiasts, then you might get disappointed at these headsets. Samson SR850 produces minimal to no bass. 

As for connectivity, the Samson semi-open headphones use a wired connection. The cord keeps the headphones constantly linked to a power source. So,  the performance is smooth with little to no lagging. 

Undeniably,  the Samson Technologies SR850 headphones are a high-quality and budget-friendly option for gaming. 

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Good audio quality

  • Extensive compatibility

  • No bass

10. NUBWO Gaming headsets

NUBWO Gaming headsets

At a glance,  the NUBWO gaming headphones feature a black-colored, matte exterior that gives off those premium feels. It comprises high-grade materials, which makes it highly sturdy. You can use it quite intensively without fearing any damages. 

These gaming headphones have over-ear, thickly-padded ear cushions. The specifications of these ear cups should offer comfort and ease. 

However, these headphones are not completely easy-to-use because the headband is a little short. People with shorter heads might find these suitable only. 

The NUBWO headphones have a flexible construction. So, you can fold it completely for portability and storage.

As for performance, the headsets have special drivers that produce excellent audio, designed for gaming.  It is crystal-clear,  vivid,  and rich. Its audio is distortion-free, which reduces errors and misunderstanding while gaming. 

Communication is an integral part of gaming.  Thus,  the headphones also include a noise-canceling microphone. Using it,  you can converse with the team players fluidly. 

Moreover,  the NUBWO headphones have diverse compatibility. You can use them with different gaming gadgets. These include PC,  Xbox,  PS4, and Nintendo Switch. 

  • Sturdy build

  • Flexible construction

  • Great audio quality

  • Versatile compatibility

  • Noise-cancellation mic

  • Not so comfortable 

How to choose the Best Open-back Headphones under $100?

Knowing the top 10 best open-back headphones does not sufficiently cater to your pursuit. You seek the best pair of 100 dollar open-back headphones that are most fit for your needs. Of course, that makes your search highly specific.

To narrow down your options to a single one, you will need to consider the following factors before purchase:

Wired or Wireless

Perhaps, the very first domain of choice that you have is the connectivity of the open-back headphones. You can choose from either wired or wireless variants.

Of course, both have their pros and cons. However, these days, we see a rise in the usage of wireless headphones because of the portability they offer. Since these play music without having a wired connection, you are not bound geographically, and you can move about freely. Thus, making these headphones an excellent pick for those who travel a lot.

Wired versions have their benefits too. Usually, they cost lower than the wired versions. Plus, they offer smoother transmission of audio and sound signals.


You don’t want your hundred dollars to last only a week. Do you?

Well, if so, then pay good attention to the construction materials. Usually, aluminum and hard plastic frames provide a robust feel without adding to the weight. Apart from that, heavy, long-lasting frames get constructed out of metal, which, of course, adds to the weight substantially.

Plus, if you opt for wired headphones, then check if the headphones come with a wire clip. It keeps the wire from developing cracks and fractures quickly. What’s more, curly or spiral wires last longer than straight ones.


Next, you should consider the extent of comfort offered by the headset. When assessing the comfort, you need to check for structure, the padding on the headband, ear cups, as well as weight.

We recommend both broad and slim profile headphones. The degree of its feasibility depends on your face structure. If you have a rather slim and thin frame, you would maybe like lightweight and thin profile headphones and vice versa. For carrying comfort, we will advise you to go for headphones that offer a portable and foldable structure. Although the open back design will keep the pressure from building up, you still want to look for earcups with plushy earpads.

Replaceable Parts & Warranty

Another bonus aspect that you would want to look into are the additional features. These may include any extra cables or headphone accessories. By the rule of thumb, you know, the more you get in a deal, the merrier.

However, two particular additional features that we appreciate include replaceable parts, such as earpads and warranty. Both these features promise a greater lifetime and extended usability.

Brand Name

Well, we feel that most buyers fail to pay attention to this particular factor when shopping on a budget. The conventional thinking on the subject associates cheap quality and a risky purchase with low-budget shopping. Technically, that would mean purchasing the desired product from a newer or less reliable name.

But. Pause. Let us correct you; that isn’t true. And this list of best open-back headphones under 100 proves the very claim!

Herein, you will find budget-friendly headsets from reputable names only, including Sennheiser, Audio Technica, etc. Of course, we appreciate and promote genuinely striving and dedicated brands as well. But mind you, only after thorough research!


What is the difference between open-back and semi open-back headphones?

As the name recommends, the primary difference between semi-open back and open back headphone is of the construction. Unlike the open back, semi-open back possesses a partially closed-back design. Hence, you can expect a semi-open-back headset to provide the best of both technologies. It may not leak sound as much and still provide a thrilling surround sound. However, for ultimate and true to the core experience, we recommend open-back headphones only.

How bad is the sound leak in open-back headphones?

Well, if there’s any possible drawback of open-back headphones, then it’s the sound leak. Perhaps, it’s the only one. However, for those around, the sound leak won’t be much bothersome unless you’re banging your head to rock metal at full volumes!

Final Words

Well, there you go! You have the complete, ultimate list all in your hands now. Just pick one of the best open-back headphones under 100 and take the much-needed step in the direction of a low-budget premium listening experience. We’re telling you; you will love it!

In case if you feel that you cannot decide which of the ten mentioned above will best suit your needs, then we recommend you to go with our top-rated version or budget buy. Given that it won’t cost you much and the fact that the headset is trusted by many, it is surely worth a try! Good luck!

Last Updated on March 14, 2021