Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $50

Ambient noise disturbs our listening experience quite frustratingly. Be it gaming, casual listening, or professional pursuit. It ruins everything! You can’t do much without focus. Can you, now?

Well, the best way to address this very issue is to get yourself a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. With these, you can easily cut out the external noise and maintain focus on the audio that matters.

To help you out with this, here we have compiled ten of the best noise-canceling headphones, along with a very comprehensive buying guide. Both these will assist you in navigating your way through the market. Let’s dig in!

VISBR Wireless Active
Mpow Bluetooth Headset
JLab Audio Neon Folding
BesDio Over-Ear Headphones
VIPEX Active Noise
Bopmen S40
Mpow Active Noise
SuperEQ S2 Bluetooth
Sony Noise Cancelling
Toshiba Noise Cancelling

Top 10 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $50

1. VISBR Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – Top rated

VISBR Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Having a top-notch noise-canceling headphone is the top priority of an audiophile. You probably get tired of the snoring of your partner or the gossips of travelers on a train. But these surprisingly designed VISBR wireless active noise-canceling headphones are the best solution for dampening unwanted noise.

Its Bluetooth feature makes you free from the mess of tangling wires.  The lightweight and artistic design of black and silver-colored headphones make them elegant. Along with its wireless connectivity, its microphone feature makes it easy to attend to calls while typing, cooking, or writing.

You need no worry at all if you want to watch a movie in a noisy environment. Just wear your headphones and turn on its noise-canceling circuit. The activation of such an ultra-fast noise-canceling feature will eliminate all the incoming sounds.

The only shortcoming found by people is that you have to make the volume louder to cancel out the noise. But it’s not a big deal for audiophiles or passionate listeners.

Along with dampening sounds, it also gives you deep bass and profuse sound. The 3.5 mm audio connection and airplane audio adapter make it the best affordable noise-canceling headphones for frequent flyers.

  • Portable

  • Perfect ANC

  • Classical look

  • Lightweight

  • Bulky

2. Mpow Bluetooth Headset – Premium Pick

Mpow Bluetooth Headset

Mpow headphones are the best choice due to their simplicity and usability. These best Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones are featured with durable components and surprise the users with their impactful results.

The versatile compatibility of these headphones with mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops make them inevitable for use inside and outside the work places. You can silence the outside environment with its 8.0 noise reduction microphone.

The presence of wireless technology is a huge bonus. You can work, write or type while listening to music. So, these best noise-canceling headphones containing Bluetooth technology are suitable for business persons.

An additional wired mode is also available in the headset. So, you can also use it with your tablets or mobiles that do not have Bluetooth function.  

Very secure wearing becomes possible due to its rotatable earmuffs. The breathable sponge used in the ear pads keeps your ears cool and comfortable all day long. The headband is integrated inside with steel components. So, the headphones are not deformable.

Additional features include 22 hours of playing time. Long standby of 200 hours makes them useable for long listening sessions and conferences.

  • Durable

  • Long standby

  • Reliable

  • Flexible

  • Faster connection

  • Poor Microphone

3. JLab Audio Neon Folding On-Ear Headphones – Budget Buy

JLab Audio Neon Folding On-Ear Headphones

If you are looking for blockbuster type music, these are the best wireless noise-canceling headphones under 50. The headphones are a fantastic mishmash of iconic design and premium quality. You can feel immersive and live a hassle-free life with these JLab headphones.

The design and building of these headphones are also fabulous. The large ear cups have a rotation of 80 degrees that makes them fit for every head size. The earmuffs made of cloud foam give users a comfortable and contented music experience.

You look stylish, upbeat, and stunning with this headset, as they have different vibrant and noticeable colors. The classic matte finish makes your look more fabulous on the go.

You can listen to different sounds, pause or play the music, or attend calls with just a single button. A built-in microphone is also available for taking calls. So, you can get a more personalized control with this miraculous headset.

Bluetooth technology is available in the headset for a rapid connection. But these headphones also have an extra cord, so you can use them with gadgets that do not have Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Personalized control

  • Classic design

  • Well-to-do

  • Noise Cancelling

  • Bulky

4. BesDio Over-Ear Headphones

BesDio Over-Ear Headphones

Premium audio quality and Crusty sound are the top priorities of BesDio. So,  the advanced ANC technology build in this headphone model collects all the unwanted noise and damp it progressively. So, these budget noise-canceling headphones help you create a tranquil environment while listening.

The 5.0 Bluetooth establishes a fast connection and provides lag-free transmission. The dual drivers in the compact structure keep the quality of sound in consideration. So these 40 mm drivers produce a deep and solid bass to provide you an unbridled experience.

The headphones also feature soft and lightweight ear pads that are easily adjustable. So, everyone gets its requirements fulfilled from this innovative model. The lightweight helps the listeners to wear it all day long without any fatigue.

The additional features include 30 hours of playing time and portability. The built-in microphone adds to its features and helps to take calls on the go.

The USB charging feature in these budget noise-canceling headphones provides playtime of more than 2 hours after an instant charge of just 5 minutes. So, this iconic headset is the best model to buy.

  • Lightweight

  • Ultra-fast speed

  • Deep bass

  • Superb noise attenuation

  • Adjustable

  • Muffled sound production

5. VIPEX Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 

VIPEX Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 

VIPEX headphones are arguably the premium value in the list of best active noise-canceling headphones under $50. New updates are available in the Active noise cancellation technology of these headphones. So, you can damp the unwanted noise of both high and low frequency in real-time.

You can fascinate yourself with an immersive experience of listening with its ANC technology. Moreover, it is one of the surprising headphones that has cut the price. Along with this, it does not compromise the quality of sound.  

An audiophile does not compromise on the comfortability provided by the headphones. These VIPEX headphones are also famous in the peoples due to their elegant design and comfortable fit.

The revolution of ear cups up to 90 degrees make them foldable. So, you can also carry them without fear of damage. What makes these headphones more appealing is the stable Bluetooth connection. You can enjoy the crisp and clear sound with the ultra-fast connection.

Moreover, you can use these headphones for 30 hours with a mere charge of 2 hours. All this depicts that these premium quality headphones have a ton of stunning features that makes them loveable.

  • Lightweight

  • Sturdy built

  • Perfect mids and highs

  • Stable connection

  • Elegant look

  • Poor bass 

6. Bopmen S40 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


Bopmen S40 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones come with Ultra-fast noise-attenuating feature. Just turn on the advanced ANC circuit and focus on the sound you want to hear. It gives you a comfortable leisure time.

This device can work all day long with the best performance, after charging for just 2.5 hours. It has a long-term battery timing of 40+ hours after a single charge.

The foldable and compact structure of the headphones enables you to carry them in a small backpack without fear of damage. As the device works on Bluetooth, so you need no worry about the tangling of wires.

Bopmen S40 active noise-canceling headphones provide clear audio sounds for call and rapid connections. So, you can enjoy both music and calls without lagging.

This cheap noise-canceling headphone makes your experience luxuriant. You enjoy seamless comfort for hours while wearing them due to their protein leather ear cups.

The vibrant drivers of 40mm work proficiently and deliver you deep and rich sound. The quality of sound is the same for both music and calls. The headset provides a lot of features at a reasonable budget.

  • Comfortable wear

  • Easy to use

  • Lag-free transmission

  • Long-term battery

  • Not durable

7. Mpow Active Noise-canceling Headphones

Mpow Active Noise-canceling Headphones

You can look funky-fresh and vibrant with these fabulous headphones. The Mpow headset holds a 40 mm driver that originates from a hi-fi and crystal clear sound. You can binge into your favorite tracks with these best cheap noise-canceling headphones.

The excellent battery timing of 2 hours after a mere charge of 10 minutes is rewarding for an audiophile. You can get what you expect from Mpow. The exceptional, pure, and rich audio quality is no far with these headphones. 

The built-in ANC technology helps in tuning out all unwanted sounds. So, these headphones are ideal for an environment with unpleasant sounds or noise. 

Long-term wearing comfort is another factor considered by music lovers. So, the large ear pads made of ultra-soft memory protein promises the endless comfort of the listener.

You don’t need to be skeptical about the audio quality. The inherent 6.0 microphone helps to communicate with crystal-clear and metallic audio. Another surprising feature is that you can monitor the battery level at your cell’s screen.

The Bluetooth connection is ultrafast and reliable. You can also enjoy the Bluetooth connection simultaneously on two devices. But, a point to note that the microphone works only with Bluetooth mode.

  • Ultrafast

  • Noise attenuation

  • Clear audio quality

  • Dual connection

  • Inferior quality mic

8. SuperEQ S2 Bluetooth On ANC Ear Headphones

SuperEQ S2 Bluetooth On ANC Ear Headphones

The Super EQ S Bluetooth affordable noise-canceling headphones are highly recommendable for enjoying music and attending business meetings. They make your environment tranquil.

The foamy ear cups of these vibrant colored headphones will give you a stylish and impressive look. The most appealing feature about these headphones is their active noise cancellation specialty. Its exquisite colored and compact design facilitates you in traveling.

The breathable material used in the ear cups allows the airwaves to pass. The adjustable headbands fit optimally on the contour of your nose and eyes. It provides you an endless comfort, and you enjoy music for a long time.

You will be amazed to know that these headphones are available with two device connection facilities. So, you can connect it to your PC or smartphone for getting in touch with your business or listen to music.

This Super EQ S2 ANC headphone has an activated voice assistant for attending or rejecting calls without pressing on a multi-functional button. Feel free to connect this 5.0 mode ultra-fast Bluetooth technology with devices present within 10m distance.

  • Ergonomic design

  • Compact

  • Comfortable

  • Stylish look

  • Excellent range

  • Grayed-out ANC

9. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you are getting annoyed with the unwanted noise and distractions while listening to music, hang up. These headphones from Sony are our best pick. These best budget noise-canceling headphones wipe out the unpleasant sound and let you listen to music in serenity.

You can turn off the noise attenuating circuit with just one move. The turn off switch is present over the ear cup. So, it provides you a personalized approach towards every function. A single AAA battery is available in the headphones that attenuate the noise up to a large frequency.

The cord has a Y shape to prevent the mess of twisting wires. So, you can place the headphones in an integrated form anywhere. Moreover, you can get rid of the folding and breaking of cables. A single AAA battery allows you to enjoy a fascinating playing time of 80 hours. So, you can fascinate yourself with the lavishing music on the go.

The neodymium drivers packed in the set can work at a low frequency of 10Hz. However, people find them of inferior quality for high-frequency sounds. But it does not matter for a person working in a calm environment or traveling on a plane.

  • Compact

  • Active noise canceling

  • Long term battery

  • Chargeable

  • Portable

  • Useless for high frequency

10. Toshiba Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Toshiba Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Toshiba Noise-canceling headphones are a great innovation in the industry of sound products. The crystal clear sound production and the excellent range of 33 feet available with these headphones are mind-blowing.

Over-the-ear design and large-sized cushions in the ear pads help you to isolate yourself from the surrounding environment. These headphones cut out all the external sounds proficiently and vibrantly. So, the listener can concentrate on what he is listening to.  

The Bluetooth technology available in these headphones has made it easier for you to connect your headset with any device you want. So, it has maximized the locomotion and the portability of the headphones without any hassle.

The unmatched bass and high-quality sound of these inexpensive noise-canceling headphones help you immerse in a heavy sound blockbuster. All this makes your listening and gaming experience unbridled.

The foldable design is an additional feature. You become able to get a comfortable fit. Moreover, the flexible design helps carry these headphones by folding them in a small case. Moreover, the long-term battery of 33 hours is also a stunning feature to consider.

  • Deep bass

  • Maximized range

  • Extra playtime

  • Hassle-free portability

  • Immersive experience 

  • Poor ANC

How to Choose the Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 50?

The noise cancelling headphones are a specialized type of headphones that excels in offering a crystal clear and accurate audio. These headphones come with integrated noise cancelling technology that cancels the unwanted background noises by producing equally opposite sound waves. 

When purchasing the best noise cancelling headphones, you need to evaluate several factors to ensure you are getting the ideal one.  Here is a brief outlook of these evaluative factors:

Types of Headphones

Although noise cancelling headphones are a type,  these belong to a more refined and specialized category. First,  you will have to select from the fundamental types. These include:

In-ear / On-ear / Over-ear

The difference between each of these headphones is ear cups. Differently-designed ear cups affect the comfort levels of listening.

In-ear headphones, also called as earbuds, rest inside your ears.  These earphones offer excellent noise isolation, and a crystal-clear audio. However, produced sounds have no space that causes pressure build-up. After using these for sometime, you may feel your ears heating up or fatigue. 

On-ear headphones have smaller and rounder ear cushions that rest on your ear frame upon wear.  These headphones offer a balanced listening experience. You will get both good noise isolation and comfort.  However, it will not excel in these areas.

Closed-Back / Open-back

Both closed-back and open-back headphones also have differences in ear cups. However, this time, the differences purely affect audio quality.

The open-back headphones have holes in them. These tiny holes function as a pathway for the sound waves.

Consequently, the audio produced by the open-back headphones is audible to the people present in the room too. Also, the headphone wearer can hear everything going around him.

The open-back design is excellent at increasing the breathability of the headphones, as well as the accuracy of the audio. Due to the openness, little to no sound waves bounce back, which causes inaccuracy. However, you cannot travel or sit in a crowded atmosphere with these open-back headphones.

Comparatively, the closed-back headphones have enclosed ear cushions. These closed-back headphones offer you limitless portability as there is no audio leakage. You can wear these headphones and travel anywhere. 

But the closed enclosure causes inaccuracy and redundancy of the audio produced. Audiophiles, who are very picky in music, might find this factor quality depreciating.

Audio Quality

The noise-canceling headphones excel at reducing unwanted sounds and increase clarity. However, you still need to stay vigilant about audio quality.

Examine the richness, originality, and vividness of the audio production. Some noise-canceling headphones might perform phenomenally, while others may lag.

Apart from this, you need to check whether the headsets produce an unbiased sound or alter slightly. Certain headphones increase the bass or treble of the audio to suit the preferences of bass/treble enthusiasts.

Battery Life

In connectivity, headphones use either wired or wireless connections. The wired headphones have a cable connecting them directly to the power source, which ensures unlimited supply.

However, in wireless headphones, you have to opt for ones with longer battery life. Wireless headphones can have battery life from 5 to 40+hrs.


The microphone is a nice-to-have feature in noise-canceling headphones but not mandatory. It’s a communication means that can enable you to conduct calls and even meetings.

If you feel interested in making your noise-canceling headphones also an effective communication source, then opt for the ones with integrated and high-quality mics. These mics should offer a crystal-clear and distortion-free audio transmission.


Are passive noise-canceling headphones better than active ones?

The passive noise-canceling headphone is the one the blocks out ambient noise using the physical construction of the device. On the contrary, active noise-canceling headphones are those that feature technical engineering to block out external noise. Both types complement one another, and none is better than the other. However, if you wish to compare in terms of 100% uniform and effective operation, then active noise-canceling headphones may win with a point.

How much should one invest in the best noise-canceling headphones?

Well, that’s quite a vague question. By the rule of thumb, the more you spend, the better quality you will get. However, if you are shopping on a budget, then you need to invest more of your time and less of your money. Ample research will get you a premium quality product at a minimal price. With that said, we have compiled this all-embracing guide to help you save time too.

Final Words

The collection above aims to keep you from struggling for premium-grade noise-canceling headphones under 50. And we hope it serves its purpose. You can pick one right away and enjoy music free of interruptions.  In case you feel a little indecisive and all headphones mentioned above appeal to you, we will recommend you to with our ever-so-universal top-rated variant.

Last Updated on February 18, 2021