Best Neckband Headphones Review And Guide 2021

As a sporty person or as someone who’s constantly moving to and fro, a neckband headphone can come in real handy. By definition, a neckband headphone refers to a form of headphones comprising a support for the neck. This distinctive type of headphones looks modish and also offers ultimate comfort and convenience. 

These cut out the hassle of catering to your headphones separately. You know, carrying them in your bag and rushing to find or connect them at the eleventh hour when there’s an incoming call. Or perhaps, taking care of that small earbud case all day long. These stay around your neck, at your service throughout the day, making functioning easy. 

With that said, let us now consider some of the best neckband headphones in the market currently. Below the reviews, you will find a complete and comprehensive buying guide to guide you through your shopping spree.

Bose SoundSport
KLOKOL Bluetooth
Sony Wireless
Sennheiser HD1
AfterShokz AS600BK
LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7
Foldable AMORNO
Klipsch 1064311 R5
Yuwiss Bluetooth
KerKoor Bluetooth

Top 10 Neckband Headphones Reviews 

1. Bose SoundSport Wireless – Top-Rated

Bose SoundSport Wireless

One of the best neckband headphones in the market is the Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphone. It comes with an integrated design that makes your listening experience marvelous! 

Aesthetically,  these neckband headphones have a classic matte surface that offers premium feels.  It comprises high-quality materials, which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Besides, it has sweat and water resistance too. So,  you can use it for exercise and workouts without fearing any damage. 

The soft and uniquely shaped ear tips fit accurately in ears. It remains stable regardless of the movement. The flexibility of these silicone ear tips adds comfort to the experience as well. 

As for audio quality, these Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones feature Bose Active EQ technology that delivers rich and crystal-clear sounds. Unlike other headphones,  it does not alter the audio to make bass or treble pronounced. Instead, it offers an amazing balance that is idealistic for audiophiles. 

The Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones packs a Lithium-Ion battery, which provides 6-hours of constant use per charge.  Although 6-hour are considerably okay,  some people may find it too little for extensive workouts.

Nonetheless,  these headphones function smoothly and fluidly. So,  you get to avail all the six-hours promised by these headphones.

  • Sturdy

  • High-quality audio 

  • Comfortable 

  • Smooth connection 

  • Easy-to-use 

  • Short battery life

2. KLOKOL Bluetooth Headphones Neckband – Budget Buy 

KLOKOL Bluetooth Headphones Neckband

The KLOKOL Bluetooth Headphones are undeniably the best wireless neckband headphones you will ever find on such a low budget.  These headphones are ultralight,  which puts minimal pressure on the ears and neck. 

These ergonomically-designed ear tips are firm in the ears and will not fall even at vigorous movements. Hence,  making your listening experience comfortable.

It also comes with three different ear tip sizes so that people with every ear size can use these headphones. The magnetic design locks both the ear tips, which secures the earbuds when not in use. Thus,  preventing it from falling.

These KLOKOL headphones deliver stereo and HD sounds.  All the notes produced are vivid,  detailed,  and crystal-clear. You would feel amazed at the quality these budget-friendly headphones provide.  

As wireless headphones, these KLOKOL Bluetooth Headphones feature an advanced Bluetooth V5.0 technology for a smooth and fluid operation. It connects almost immediately. 

Plus,  these headphones are compatible with a variety of devices.  You can use it with iPhone series,  Android devices, computers, MacBook, and almost any gadget.  

Perhaps,  one thing that the headphones fail at is microphone performance. Although the company claims active noise canceling in the microphone, users have complained of muffled voices upon communication.

  • Durable design

  • Comfortable 

  • Good audio quality 

  • Advanced connectivity 

  • 3-different sizes ear tips

  • Unclear microphone

3. Sony Wireless Behind-Neck in Ear Headphones – Premium Pick 

Sony Wireless Behind-Neck in Ear Headphones

Are you browsing for the best neckband Bluetooth headphones without any budget restrictions? Well,  then we highly recommend the Sony Wireless Behind-Neck in-Ear Headphones.

These headphones have a stylish and fashionable exterior. Its slightly thick, sturdy frame radiates premium feels. 

Apart from this,  these neckband headphones consist of high-grade materials that make them resistant to damage.  You can use it quite roughly at workout, studio,  home,  and find no deterioration in functionality. 

The ergonomic ear-tips and neckband also make the headphones comfortable. However, the stiffness of the band can apply pressure. Thus,  causing slight inconvenience.

As for sound quality, the Sony Wireless Headphones features advanced noise-canceling technology that delivers crystal clear and detailed sounds.  The smart listening specification alters ambient sounds as per activity.  For example,  when someone communicates,  it’ll lower noise cancellation for you to hear the person.   

The Sony Wireless Neckband Headphones functions smoothly too.  There are minimal disruptions and distortions. It also connects with Google Assistant when required.  

Being wireless,  these headphones have a massive battery life of up to 10-hours for extensive listening sessions. It also comes with a carry pouch,  plug adaptor, connection cable,  and USB cable.

  • Stylish looks

  • Innovative design  

  • Massive battery life 

  • High-quality audio quality 

  • Smooth connection 

  • Comes with great accessories 

  • Not comfortable

4. Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones

The Sennheiser Neckband Bluetooth Headphone has an ergonomic design with long cables connecting the neckband to the ear cups.  These headphones comprise soft,  stitched Sheepskin Nappa Leather that makes them comfortable upon wear.  

The unique ear tips remain stable and firm in the ears.  Hence,  these headphones will not fall down as you jog or walk.

These Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones deliver accurate,  original, and crystal-clear audio quality. The vast frequency response indicates the presence of richer and clearer notes in the produced audio.  You can easily immerse yourself in the melodies. 

However,  the microphone of this headset performs poorly in terms of active noise cancellation. Incalls,  people can hear everything going around you that can be terrible.  But,  fret not as the headphones come with two years global warranty.

As wireless headphones, Sennheiser packs advanced and modified Bluetooth technology in these headphones that ensure zero disruptions. These headphones also support multi-connection. You can connect up to two devices at once.  

Moreover, it features a long-lasting battery of up to 10-hours. And,  it consumes only one and a half hours to charge fully! 

  • Ergonomic design

  • Good connectivity 

  • Long battery life

  • Supports multi-connection 

  • Comes with a two-year warranty 

  • Unclear microphone

5. AfterShokz AS600BK Titanium Open Ear Wireless Headphones

AfterShokz AS600BK Titanium Open Ear Wireless Headphones

These Bluetooth Neckband Headphones utilize a unique bone conducting technology that delivers audio through cheekbones. Hence, ensuring that your ears remain open to all the ambient sounds for situational awareness.  

Although this technology might sound a little weird,  it is quite beneficial for people who jog or go outdoors when listening. It allows them to stay alert for approaching vehicles or people.  

Besides,  the lightweight and flexible frame of these headphones ensures increased comfort when wearing these headsets for extended periods. The titanium wrapped headbands also give the headphones the required sturdiness.  

These AfterShokz Open-Ear headphones have an IP55 rating,  which makes them resistant to water and solid particles. Consequently,  these headphones are quite sturdy. 

However, users have a complaint against the control buttons and other components falling off after frequent usage.  So,  be vigilant when using them.

As for performance, these Bluetooth headphones use premium pitch technology to deliver dynamic audio with richer bass. The produced audio is immersive and vivid.  

Moreover, the 6-hours battery life means you can listen to audio constantly at those morning jogs and walks.  But,  it may not be sufficient for studio work.  

  • Integrated design 

  • Smooth connection 

  • Waterproof build

  • Good audio quality 

  • Comfortable 

  • Durability concerns

6. LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband

LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband

When browsing for the best around the neck Bluetooth headphones, you are not likely to find LG amongst the top-rated ones. So,  why have we added them to our articulation? Well,  LG is primarily a mobile phone and TV brand, which explains why it’s not so popular. 

However,  these LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband headphones sure have some outstanding features to appreciate. It has a flexible neckband for increased portability and convenience.  

These headphones also feature retractable earbuds that you can pull for the extension as well as a retraction. Thus,  making them extremely easy-to-use.

The LG Tone Flex Headphones features Meridian Technology that gets considered the pioneer of audio solutions. Hence,  it delivers balanced audio with original and accurate notes.  

Every sound has vividness, richness, and immense clarity. Also,  it slightly alters the audio to produce a richer and better bass.  

Apart from this,  these headphones have dual microphones for crystal clear communication. The presence of two microphones makes your voice more audible than ambient noises.  

Moreover, these headphones have an 8-hours long-lasting battery that is sufficient for all chores.  In the case of low-battery,  the neckband headphones deliver 3-hours of usage after only 10-minutes of charge!  

  • Innovative design

  • Long-lasting battery 

  • Good audio quality

  • Comfortable 

  • Dual microphones 

  • Durability concerns

7. Foldable AMORNO Wireless Neckband

Foldable AMORNO Wireless Neckband

At a glance, this Bluetooth neckband headphone would leave you in awe.  Its shimmery, pink-colored surface makes the headphones look quite pretty.  

Besides, these are quite durable too. The usage of premium materials makes it resistant to all sorts of damage.  Its sweat-proof build gives it extra-strength too.  

These AMOR NO headphones have a flexible,  foldable,  and ultra-lightweight design. Thus,  making them extremely portable and easy-to-handle. 

The presence of retractable earbuds offers ease of use.  You can click the dedicated button once to extend the cable to the required length.  And,  with another click,  you can retract the headphones to their original length.  

It is quite useful for portability and studio work. You can extend the length when walking around and put the neckband headphones in a single place. So,  you can listen to audio regardless of wearing or not wearing these headphones.  

These headphones deliver a premium audio quality. All the sounds produced are accurate, immersive,  and pleasing.  But,  the lack of noise cancellation reduces clarity in a crowded environment.  

For calls,  it vibrates to alert you about incoming calls. Hence,  you won’t miss any calls! 

As wireless headphones, the technology used makes them smooth in performance. The transmission of calls and device pairing is instantaneous. 

It means you won’t have any challenges in using it. Moreover,  you also get a massive 12-hours listening time! 

  • Foldable

  • Retractable earbuds

  • Good audio 

  • Smooth connection 

  • Long battery life

  • Comfortable 

  • No noise cancellation

8. Klipsch 1064311 R5 Neckband Headphones

Klipsch 1064311 R5 Neckband Headphones

These Klipsch 1064311 R5 are one of the best Bluetooth headphones neckbands that have a feature-rich profile.  It has a genuine stitched leather exterior and other premium materials that give it immense durability and strength against outdoor harsh elements. You can use it anywhere without worrying about it getting damaged or broken.

The ergonomic and unique shaped ear tips fit in the ear perfectly.  Each ear tip rests in your ear firmly and tightly, which makes it stable. You can use these headphones at workouts and gyms. These certainly won’t disappoint you! 

As for performance,  the Klipsch Neckbands headphones offer outstanding audio quality.  Hen listening using these headphones, you can differentiate between each and every instrument.  The clarity is quite notable and appreciable.  Every note holds immense richness and vividness! 

However, if you are a bass enthusiast, you will observe that the bass isn’t so punchy. These headphones offer an unbiased listening experience, which means 100-percent originality and accuracy. 

  • Classy build

  • Massive battery life

  • Good audio performance

  • Quality microphone

  • Comfortable

  • No punchy bass

9. Yuwiss Bluetooth Headphones Neckband

Yuwiss Bluetooth Headphones Neckband

YUWISS is a fairly new name in the neckbands industry. The company gets rarely acknowledged for its high-tech and premium products in front of manufacturing giants like Sony and Sennheiser.

However, this Yuwiss Bluetooth Neckband Headphone has gained a massive worldwide appreciation for its amazing specifications. These are indeed the best around the neck Bluetooth headphones that you will ever find in the market!

Aesthetically, the matte black and one-toned surface make the outlook quite classy. You can wear these headphones anywhere, and perhaps, make a fashion statement too! 

Besides,  the premium exterior has premium interiors too.  The unit includes high-grade materials that make it quite sturdy.  It has an IPX4 rating too,  which makes it resistant to water and moisture.

The ultra-lightweight construction and soft silicone neckband make these headphones quite comfortable to wear.  However, the controls of the neckband are slightly far away from ear reach.  You would have to extend your hands a little more than usual to access buttons. 

As for audio quality, the sounds delivered have consistency, balance,  and richness.  There are details, clarity,  vibrancy in notes,  and whatnot. It is truly immersive!

  • Classic design

  • Waterproof build

  • Good performance

  • Lightweight construction

  • Massive battery life

  • Not easy-to-use

10. KerKoor Bluetooth Headphones Neckband Wireless Headset

KerKoor Bluetooth Headphones Neckband Wireless Headset

Another wireless neckband headphones that have made it to the best neckband headphones compilation is the KerKoor Bluetooth Headphones. These have an aesthetically-pleasing and classy outlook. 

The KerKoor Bluetooth Headphones have top-notch quality materials used in their construction that make them resistant to all damages. It also has a magnet design that allows you to join both the ear tips together and wear the neckband as a necklace. 

These headphones also have an IPX5 rating that makes the sweat and waterproof.  You can use these headphones in all weathers too!

Upon listening, you will observe that the sound quality is similar to all other headphones mentioned in this articulation. It is clear and detailed. You can listen to all highs,  lows,  and mid notes easily.

However, unlike audio,  the microphone doesn’t have much clarity. Your voice will get muffled that is not at all ideal for communication.

  • Sturdy build

  • Good audio quality

  • Comfortable

  • Extensive compatibility

  • Smooth connection

  • Unclear microphone

How to Choose the Best Neckband Headphones?

Well, time for us to learn how one can select the perfect neckband headphones. Since these are not as common as the rest of the headphones types, only a few sellers and buyers can guide you through them thoroughly. And so, finding a lead may as well be a challenging task. For that very reason, we researched several resources to extract all that you would want to know before making a purchase.

Things to Consider 

Before proceeding forth, know that neckband headphones are of two types, namely wired and wireless. So, your first choice is amongst these two.

Wired offers unrivaled audio quality, while wireless may trouble at times. Wireless offers portability, while wired variants usually have cooler designs. It all narrows down to your personal preferences. However, once decided, you ought to look for the following aspects:

Build Quality

Usually, headphones featuring a steel framework best. These offer phenomenal sturdiness and robustness. But they also cost more than the rest. If you happen to be shopping on a budget, you can look for hard-plastic variants. Most reputable brands like Sony and Bose are now introducing lightweight yet robust headphones. 


Neckband headphones aim to maximize your comfort. So, when buying, don’t forget to overlook this aspect.

You must assess the material of the earbuds. We recommend silicone earbuds. For earpads, memory foam is recommendable. Plus, the better the fit, the better the isolation will be. So, ensure that you settle for the right size and material.


When shopping for wireless neckband headphones, you ought to look for good connectivity options. In terms of Bluetooth, we advise you to opt for models offering version 4.1 or above. If you want the headphones to connect to multiple devices at varying times, you can opt for ones with a multi-point functionality feature.

Additional Features

Additionally, you can look for a warranty. Headphones that come back with a warranty of months, years, or money-back guarantee are a safe purchase.

You may even look for one that comes with a case or additional ear tips. These cut down the costs of accessories that you may have to buy later on. Thus, making the headphones all the more value-for-money. 

Extensive battery life, i.e., 10 hours or more, is also an appreciable feature. It adds to the overall functionality of the wireless headphones

Price and Brand

Lastly, you ought to consider the label. Renowned and established names usually offer better quality and reliability. If you spend around a hundred or thousand dollars on these, you will know that your headphones will have a fairly long lifespan. You know it’s worthy. However, at times, these might be expensive in the way, they may offer limited features at a considerable figure.

Comparing this to the newer brands, who usually offer more features at a minimal price, it may look like a bad deal to you. But even in that case, we suggest you should go with reliable names such as those in the list above if you are spending a heavy sum or want headphones that last substantially long.


Do neckband headphones have a longer battery life? 

Technically, yes. Although manufacturers probably never intended this to be a distinguishing factor between the regular headphones and neckband headphones, it surprisingly happens to be. On average, Bluetooth earbuds last no longer than 8 hours. Neckband Bluetooth headphones last much longer.

What advancements do neckband headphones promise?

Since neckband headphones are closer in contact with the human body, we expect them to demonstrate smarter advancements than the rest. As of yet, we expect neckband headphones and others to have biosensors shortly. These will enable better control via voice commands and overall integrated performance.

Final Words

Summing up, Neckband Headphones can become a game-changer for almost all users. Whether you stay within the premises of your home all day long or you’re out and about, these headphones will serve you great! To experience the practicality of this statement yourself, pick any of the above that best falls within your budget, and enjoy! Don’t forget to filter out your best fit as per the buying guide given above!

Last Updated on February 3, 2021