Best Headphones For Sleeping

For most people, sleeping headphones might be a new term. But well, these have been around for quite a long time now. And those who struggle with sleep know about these quite too well.

Whether it’s a snorting partner, a barking dog, constant meows of your restless cat, or your very own noisy thoughts, a few things can make falling asleep an entire task. It may take loads of effort to still result in an effortless struggle. In times like these, sleeping headphones come in real handy.

Music has always been a source of soothing the soul and the mind. And so, we confidently suggest the headphones given below. These will effectively assist you in your sleep struggles. Dive straight in!

Acoustic Sheep Sleep
Bose Quiet Comfort 20
LC holiday sleeping
Kokoon Sleep
Perytong Bluetooth
Bose Sleepbuds II
Voerou Sleep
Panasonic Slim clip-on

Top 10 Best Headphones For Sleeping

1. Acoustic Sheep Sleep Phones Wireless – Top Rated

Acoustic Sheep Sleep Phones Wireless

Uncomfortable and restless nights will be no more. Welcome to a sleepy night with these wireless sleep headphones. These innovative headphones are world-class and comfortable for sleeping.

The ultra-thin headband is washable and provides super comfort. A high-quality speaker fitted inside makes the sound crystal clear and rich.

People having sleeping issues can use them easily and say goodbye the restless nights without using sleeping pills. The wireless range of the headphones is also amazing. Your headphones keep on working in the range of 30 feet from your device.

A control module available in the headphone makes the volume controlling, skipping, or pausing easy. So, you don’t need to keep your Bluetooth enabled device with you.

The premium headphones are stacked with durable and long-lasting components. So, the headphones are of top-notch quality and meet international standards.  

One lithium-ion battery is supplied in the headphones that are chargeable and last for a long time. Moreover, these headphones are also shock resistant. So, you can use them with full convenience without any fear.

  • Supreme comfort

  • Rich sound

  • Excellent range

  • Portable

  • Easy to use

  • Long battery life

  • Integrated design

  • Shock resistant

  • Not so aesthetically-pleasing

2. MAXX ROCK (TM) Sleeping headphones – Budget Buy

MAXX ROCK (TM) Sleeping headphones

These Bluetooth sleep headphones are unparalleled and worth every penny. The earbuds are ultra-soft and are adjustable in the ears. So, you can use them while running, jogging, and sleeping without the fear of falling out.

A built-in microphone is available with a multifunction button. It helps the users to take a call, end a call, play and pause the music. The earplugs are noise attenuating and provides you an isolated feel.

The audio quality is also good and provides you a crisp and rich sound. The headphones are also good for the side sleepers due to their soft ergo-fit. 

The Bluetooth sleep headphones exhibit versatile compatibility. You could connect them with any device having a 3.5 mm audio cable jack. You can easily use them with your Android, Mac, and Windows.

The prime feature of these headphones is you can use them for dual purposes. You can wear it while sleeping to get rid of the snoring and other external sounds. Moreover, you can use them to answer calls without any interruption.

Some people think that they do not provide lag-free transmission. But it is undermined by other features of these headphones.

  • High audio quality

  • Comfortable earbuds

  • Multifunction button

  • Bluetooth technology

  • Versatile compatibility

  • Soft ergo-fit

  • Poor transmission

3. Bose Quiet Comfort 20 – Premium Pick

Bose Quiet Comfort 20

Get rid of everything and feel your music from your heart. Make your soul peaceful with the first in-ear noise terminating headphones from Bose. Quiet Comfort 20 Aural noise-canceling headphones are contrived to let you assume clear sound every day.

Just turn on the noise canceling to diminish surrounding interruptions and enjoy your favorite music without any trouble or hurdle. By tapping the button, you can activate the aware mode. So you can easily hear everything around you without removing earphones.

The enhanced TriPort technology allows you to feel your music from the heart. Bose technology brings dramatic noise cancellation in these headphones, which protect you from sudden panic.

It has an inline microphone and a call switch button so you can easily take your call without any problem.

The headset features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides you a heavy-duty of 16 hours after a complete charge. It is a masterpiece from Bose technologies under 300. By wearing these headphones, you can sleep in your bed without any worry.

  • Noise-canceling technology

  • Wireless technology

  • Inline microphone

  • Music/call switch button

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

  • 16 hours’ heavy duty

  • Not durable

  • Grayed-out noise attenuation

4. LC holiday sleeping headphones

LC holiday sleeping headphones

If you are worried that you cannot sleep in light and you are going to share the room with someone, these are the best sleep headphones. LC holiday sleeping headphones have such an ergonomic design that they fit closely on your face.

This 3D sleeping mask provides the best solution for external noise masking. The ergonomic design of the headphones not only adjusts to the nose contours and does not lays pressure on your eyes. So, you can move your eyes with ease. 

The fabric is super soft and also skin-friendly. The outlook of the headphones is iconic and makes the user look modern while sleeping.

The audio quality produced by the stereo components used is remarkable. The use of Bluetooth technology keeps you away from the mess of wires and cables.

These headphones hold long battery timing. You can enjoy a playing time of more than 10 hours after charging it only for 2-2.5 hours. The playing time of 10 hours is astonishing. So, these are the best headphones for providing you a healthy sleep anywhere. In short, these are the king of our list of headphones for sleeping.

  • Super soft fabric

  • Modern look

  • Bluetooth technology

  • High fidelity

  • Adjustable

  • Comfortable

  • Poor Connectivity

5. Kokoon Sleep Headphones

Kokoon Sleep Headphones

This premium headset is excellent for taking a comfortable sleep. The noise attenuating system of the set provides you a serene environment. So, you could not prevent yourself from praising these headphones.

You can use these headphones for winding down before sleeping, travel, or meditating. The soft ear cups provide you a soothing effect and snatch away all your anxiety. The ear cups have enough ventilation to permit airflow, and their ergonomic design gives you an optimal fit.

Moreover, the washable and ultra-soft fabric not only provides you comfort but makes it easy to keep your headphones clean. The free access to the audio app helps you to discover clinically proven audio to reduce your stress.

To provide the user relaxation, a built-in ANC is available. So, this masks all the low-frequency external sound and gives you a sound sleep. The sealed design of the ear works synergistically with the ANC in noise control.

So, in this, your relaxation and comfort are not compromised. These headphones are the king of the list: headphones under 500.

  • Audio seal

  • Ultra-soft ear cups

  • Washable fabric

  • Adjustable

  • Built-in ANC

  • Ventilated ear cups

  • Access to the audio app

  • Increased acoustics

  • Bulky in size

6. Perytong Bluetooth Headband Headphones

Perytong Bluetooth Headband Headphones

If you want a peaceful and healthy sleep, these Perytong Bluetooth headbands are the best headphones for sleeping. They help you to mask all the external sounds and provide you a comfortable sleep. 

These headphones are the best for people facing insomnia. Moreover, you can wear them during the workout, yoga, sleeping, jogging, and air travel with utmost comfort.

The battery life lasts up to 8-10 hours, and it produces no beep sound on the exhaust of the battery. So, it provides you a healthy and peaceful sleep.

The fabric of the headband gives you a premium touch and also provides a cooling effect. Its breathability and sweat-absorbing property make it fit for use while jogging.

Its versatile compatibility with Windows, Android, and IOS makes it more worthy. The control module of the headphones is available in the middle of the band. It makes it wearable for side sleepers. 

You can answer your phone calls and then play the next or previous song with a device control module and microphone. All these features are enough to give it a five-star rating.

  • Easily chargeable

  • Comfortable headband

  • Washable fabric

  • Great for side sleepers

  • Long battery timing

  • Wireless technology

  • Adjustable

  • No noise cancellation  

7. Bose Sleepbuds II

Bose Sleepbuds II

Presenting you Bose Sleep buds II – tiny, contented earbuds with premium technology. The technology is clinically proven, which helps you fall asleep immediately. The buds remain connected with your mobile device’s Bose application. The application transfers tranquil sounds to the sleep buds that help you in sleeping.

These earbuds use Bose noise-masking technology to asylum undesirable nighttime turbulences that may otherwise wake you. So, by using these headphones, you get your best comfort ever during bedtime. A better and comfortable sleep always needs this type of sleep buds.

There is an additional feature in this type of sleep buds. That is, it has its music library. Explore the library to get slackening stuff. Bose-engineered noise-masking sounds are available to shield the nighttime troubles like wind noise, local town traffic, and neighboring conversation. The Bose app also rents you to fix an alarm only you’ll hear. These are not headphones or bed phones. These work as sleep buds or earbuds.

The headset is also shockproof and waterproof. Moreover, the design is ergonomic, and the outlook is of top quality.

  • 10 hours playing time

  • Noise-masking

  • Special sleep technology

  • Comfortable shape

  • Bluetooth compatibility

  • Clinically tested and proven

  • Waterproof

  • Slow Bluetooth connection speed

8. ZQUIET Quiet ON Premium Earbuds

ZQUIET Quiet ON Premium Earbuds

If you are looking for sleeping headphones under 200, these could be your best choice. These traditional earplugs made of a soft foam are excellent to dull the external sounds.

The best thing about these headphones is that they have two different modes: hearing and silent mode. This feature provides you a customizable approach towards noise masking level. You can switch between the two using a small-sized button

The 20 hours of playing time after charging for just one hour is incredible. Side sleepers can also use them without compromising the comfort and easiness. Their adjustable design gives you an ultra-comfort.

The availability of multiple sized ear tips makes them more unparalleled. So, you can select the fittest ear tip for blocking the noise. This adjustable design is suitable for every position.

Their small size and lightweight made them easily wearable in summers and also during traveling. Rechargeable battery and long term battery usage makes them fit for use in distant traveling. 

  • Availability of two modes

  • Rechargeable

  • Long-term battery life

  • Supreme comfort

  • Useable in summer

  • Three sized ear tips

  • Less charging time

  • Wearable by side sleepers

  • Greyed-out noise cancellation

9. Voerou Sleep Headphones 

Voerou Sleep Headphones 

These wireless headphones for sleeping are of classical standard. With their eye mask, these not only let you listen to music but also makes you fall asleep faster. 

The mask is made of ultra-soft and sponge-like fabric that has enough breathability. So, it keeps your ears cool and releases your face stress also. 

Voerou Sleep Headphones allows you to enjoy both music and calls in one place. A microphone is built-in that helps you to attend to your phone calls with no effort. 

All these features of this headset make them exceptional and iconic. The 9 hours of playing time make these headphones loveable. You can charge the battery with your USB cable also. The 2.5 hours of charge at once will not let you awake at night.

So, if you are using Voerou Sleep Headphones, you don’t need to bother about your restless nights. It’s large-size mask blocks all the external sounds, and you don’t hear any snoring or travelers talk. 

The optimal fit provided by the straps blocks all the light that makes it beneficial for light sleepers. 

  • Chargeable battery

  • Washable

  • Soft sponge-like fabric

  • Good for light sleepers

  • Built-in microphone

  • Noise attenuating

  • Wireless technology

  • Long-lasting

  • Non-functional volume control

10. Panasonic Slim clip-on earphone

Panasonic Slim clip-on earphone

These ultra-compact earphones are a class apart in the list of earphones. Due to their slim, housing these are the best headphones to sleep in and provides you an utmost comfort

Their stylish outlook and high gloss surface looks iconic and adds to the personality of the user. An ear hook is available in the ergonomic design of the headphones. So, this ear hook gives you an extra fit. Moreover, it secures the headphones on the ear tightly.

A plus point is that these earphones are available in two lavishing colors. The high gloss finish in black and white makes these headphones very attractive.

These headphones produce a crystal clear and rich sound. So you can enjoy both the excellent sound and iconic look in the same gadget. The headphones are a top priority of the passionate listeners because they could enjoy their favorite tunes while doing their routine work.

The ear hook allows the user to wear it during running, jogging, and sleeping without the fear of falling. The clip is easy to open and close, and you can wear it on the go.

  • Attractive outlook

  • Crisp sound

  • Durable material

  • Easy to carry

  • Comfortable

  • Sturdy

  • Good bass

  • Increased clamping force on-ear

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Sleeping? 

Yes,  it is quite difficult to find the ideal headphones for headphones. The perfect headphones are those that meet your specific requirements. 

Hence,  you should know about the evaluative factors that will allow you to make the wisest of decisions.  

Continue reading to unravel how to select the best headphones for sleeping! 

Type of Headphones  

Well, when it comes to choosing the type of sleeping headphones, you need to pay great attention to your sleeping posture. The way you position when you lay down to rest has a significant impact on what will feel most comfortable on your ears. Below are the three most common types from which you can choose:

Headband Style

Well, these are the universal type of sleeping headphones that work for most sleeping positions. Primarily, these comprise headphones embedded in a fabric headband, so you can wrap it around your head and go to bed.

We recommend this to those who find it difficult to drift off to sleep without listening to their favorite playlist or ASMR audio. Although the tunes will continue to flow into your ears as you drift off to sleep, the position of headphones may shift. Plus, you will need to pick between which of the fabrics is preferable.

In-Ear Headphones

Here comes the type that you’re most likely already familiar with. In-headphones fit deep into the ear canal, promising an unwavering intensity of the musical notes. Even as you toss and turn in the bed, these will stay intact. For side sleepers, they may work well. But, note that constant contact of the insides of your ear with silicone or other types of ear tips may lead to the development of ear infections, particularly if you have any sensitivity.

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones are the ones that lie over the ear. These are ideal for those who sleep on their backs. For side sleepers, they may become a little too painful. In terms of sound quality, these are the best ones. That’s because they promise a better soundstage and a richer spectrum of sound without building up pressure.

Sound Quality 

As headphones are for producing audio,  neglecting this aspect can be the biggest mistake!

The sound quality of any headphones depends on several factors,  from richness to clarity.  You’ll have to assess each one to get the best ones, especially if you are an audiophile.

Here is a rundown of the most-value holding factors:

Clarity- Listening to muffled noises and sounds can make falling asleep even more impossible. So,  it is better to opt for headphones with an active noise cancellation feature.

The ANC feature identifies the unwanted ambient noises via tiny,  integrated microphones. Next,  it produces opposite waves to cancel the effect of these unwanted noises. Hence,  delivering crystal-clear audio. 

Richness- If you desire to listen to all those notes and immerse yourself in the music, then richness matters a lot.  For this, the frequency response of the audio should get analyzed. 

An average human hears audio with a frequency response between 20 to 20kHz.  However,  opting for headphones with a larger range enables them to produce a much vivid sound range.  

Bass & Treble- Are you a bass and treble enthusiast? Well,  then you should opt for headphones that alter the sounds slightly. The alternation enhances the bass or treble. 


There are two types of connections used in headphones; wireless and wired.  All the wired headphones use a cable to remain linked to the power source. 

These wired headphones offer a fluid and smooth performance. The headphones would run without interruptions as long as the cable remains connected. However, the wired ones tend to limit portability.

You can move according to the cable’s length. Plus,  the wire can get annoying when sleeping.

Comparatively, the wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology. The smoothness of the performance  depends on the advancement of the Bluetooth. The latest Bluetooth technologies will yield better results. 

Mostly, the issue of disruptions and lagging occurs with wireless, so be vigilant about it. However,  these headphones are outstandingly portable.  

You can sleep in whatever direction or way you want without fearing disconnection. Also,  there are no annoying cables to disturb your sleep!


Is it OK to use headphones while sleeping?

Yes, it is more than okay to wear headphones for sleeping. You can even enjoy a good night’s sleep as certain music relaxes your mind. However, do not listen to music throughout the night.  

Use it only to fall asleep but not while sleeping.  Listening to music in sleep can have adverse effects on your health.  

What happens if you fall asleep with headphones on?

Sleeping with headphones on can have disastrous results. Studies have concluded the development of issues,  such as skin necrosis and even hearing loss.

Final Words                       

Well, after going through all that’s given above, don’t you think headphones for sleep are one of the most wondrous inventions of all times? When you can’t fall asleep, you need not search up for some medicinal solution and make yourself addicted to the chemical. Instead, you can put any of these on and provide a soothing therapy to your soul. Thus, addressing the struggle directly and deeply, eradicating it slowly, eventually, and entirely. So, what’s to wait for, then? Get yours now!

Last Updated on February 18, 2021