Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $1000 2021

Do you love to indulge in harmonious goodness with loud beats? Then why buy the average bookshelf speakers when floor-standing speakers can be bought at a much better price with sound quality that is top class.

As compared to bookshelf speakers, floor standing speakers are impactful and loud. If you have a decent amount of space in your house, these speakers will make the best pair for you.

You do not need additional woofers with them and even then, these will amp fill the room with strong bass and sound that’ll tempt you into dancing to your favorite tune!

Thinking of which floor standing speaker to buy? Here is a guide that consists of speakers that are best to those that are well within your budget. Read through and choose your favorite right away!

Q Acoustics 3050i-
Klipsch RP-260F Speakers
Polk Audio RTI A9
KEF Q500
Elac Debut 2.0 F6.2
Fluance Signature Series
Sony SS-CS3
Cerwin Vega XLS-215
Onkoyo SKF-4800
Polk Audio T50

Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $1000

1. Q Acoustics 3050i- The Best Floor Standing Speakers for Music

Q Acoustics 3050i- The Best Floor Standing Speakers for Music

These graphite grey, sleekly designed speakers will surely take your heart! The Q Acoustics 3050i is all about producing fine quality music, with zero noise and distortion so that you get to enjoy clean and loud music every time!

Its design has been influenced by the brand’s Concept 500 series, which is why it can be proudly said, this pair is a true depiction of modern and technology packed together. Because most floor standing speakers are known to produce cabinet vibrations, the Q Acoustics 3050i has been carefully manufactured with Point-to-Point (P2P) bracing techniques which ensure little to no vibration is produced when you amp up the music! This also helps in creating a sound that is clean, clear, and noise-free.

The striking floor standing speakers have twin drivers measuring at 165mm and 22 mm. These high-frequency drivers help in even distribution of sound so that every corner of the room is lit up with music.

Additionally, Q Acoustics has paired up the P2P technology with HPE (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer) that eliminates resonance and gives you a distortion-free sound to enjoy.

  • P2P technology reduces cabinet vibration

  • The HPE technology helps create a clean, resonance-free sound

  • Twin high-frequency drivers for even distribution of sound

  • Sleek and modern design

  • Expensive

2. Klipsch RP-260F Speakers – Best Tower Speakers

Klipsch RP-260F Speakers - Best Tower Speakers

The Klpisch RP-260F Premium floor standing speakers are just like its name, premium in quality. This ash black colored pair comes enclosed in a rubber body instilled with technology that assures you to experience clean, clear, and noise-free music each time!

It has been designed with LTS tweeters that deliver clear sound and Spun Copper Ceramettalic Woofers for a strong bass that can amp up the room. But even with a bass like this, some people tend to complain about it not being “strong” enough which could be a big turn-off for people who love the floor shaking to the music.

The best thing about this floor standing speaker pair is that it comes pre-fixed with grills at the front held in place by neodymium magnets. Furthermore, it utilizes the Tractrix Port geometry which creates faster air transfer for high-quality sound even at a lower frequency. 

The Klpisch RP-260F is lightweight, premium quality tower speakers that need no additional woofers to give you sound that is loud, crisp, and enjoyable.

  • LTS tweeters for clear sound

  • Spun Copper Ceramettalic Woofers for strong bass

  • Pre-fixed grills held with neodymium magnets

  • Tractrix port Geometry for high-quality sound at a lower frequency

  • Lightweight

  • Some might find the bass not to be strong enough which can reduce the sound quality

  • Expensive

3. Polk Audio RTI A9 floor-standing speaker – Best Budget Tower Speaker

Polk Audio RTI A9 floor-standing speaker - Best Budget Tower Speaker

If you’re looking for tower speakers that are budget-friendly and relatively cheaper than the Polk Audio RTI A9 floor standing speakers is what you should consider.

These speakers are made from real wood, which adds to their great performance. The wood frame helps in eliminating resonance by improving airflow and when paired up with Medium Density Fiberboard in the making, the speakers are surely going to perform at their best.

It is easily available in two different colors, black and cherry wood so you have a clear option which one goes well with the walls of your house!

Even at low frequencies, the speaker pair is known to produce crisp sound. Whether you love heavy metal or soft romantic lyrics, this pair will give you a clean sound that’ll light up your mood.

Additionally, it promises to produce a strong bass which improves sound quality. Unlike other expensive floor-standing speakers, you might find the bass a little less powerful. But even then, it is good enough to produce quality sound that can be enjoyed at both and high frequencies without distortion.

For those who love the room vibrating to music beats, an addition of a subwoofer to your speakers will just do the trick for you!

  • Made of real wood

  • Strong and controlled bass

  • Distortion-free sound at low frequency

  • Louder than most floor standing speakers

  • Affordable

  • Few might find the bass not to be strong enough

  • The sound may shallow at higher volume

4. KEF Q500 Floor-standing loudspeaker – Low Budget Speakers

KEF Q500 Floor-standing loudspeaker - Low Budget Speakers

The next place on the list is truthfully owned by KEF Q500 floor standing speakers. These have been carefully manufactured with aluminum to ensure lifelong usage. 

The Q500 highlights a special-voiced 5.25-inch aluminum Uni-Q driver and 1 inch vented aluminum arch tweeter. With a cutting edge HF driver, the Q500 flaunts a much bigger vault tweeter for expanded affectability and controlled power. Underneath the Uni-Q driver are the three 5.25 inch bass drivers stacked up together, working to rapidly and proficiently produce an array of low frequencies. 

The Q500 sits on an aluminum plate upheld by four steel ‘plinth’ spikes with locking handles for simple stature modification. The plinths are used to position the Q500 on the floor that helps eliminate rocking resonance.

This pair of floor standing speakers is beautifully designed to produce a loud sound that is ideal for rooms of a smaller size!

  • Aluminum body for durability

  • Aluminum tweeters

  • Drivers for controlled power and strong sound

  • Distortion-free sound at low frequency

  • Affordable

  • Steel plinth for floor mounting and elimination of rocking resonance

  • Produces loud sound

  • Ideal for smaller rooms

  • Low-extend recurrence leaves you needing more

5. Elac Debut 2.0 F6.2 – Cheap Floor Standing Speakers

Elac Debut 2.0 F6.2 - Cheap Floor Standing Speakers

Sometimes in search of the best you end up with something that isn’t made for you! This can be the case when you’re trying to find the best floor standing speakers and choose huge ones to fill your smaller room, taking up much space and leaving you with little space to move.

Well, with Elac Debut 2.0 F6.6 tower speakers, this might not be the case. These speakers are sleekly designed to fit a room smaller in size perfectly. Its concept makes it everyone’s favorite because not only does this look like an expensive show-piece when decorated in your room but also produces a loud sound that is good enough to cover the entire space.

The newly developed soft dome tweeter stretches the sound frequency up to 35kHz without breaking up a note. Also, this speaker comes instilled with not just one but three woofers and multiple bass drivers, all of which work together to give you audio that is clean, crisp, and loud!

The frame of the new Elac Debut 2.0 consists of rigid internal bracing which promises to deliver rocking-free resonance. Although the bass is strong enough to rock an entire room you’ll feel no annoying vibrations that can ruin the party’s mood.

  • Value for money

  • Affordable and cheap as compared to other quality speakers

  • Strong bass

  • Rigid internal bracing for rocking-free resonance

  • Soft dome tweeter can stretch the sound up to 35 kHz

  • Three built-in woofers

  • Bass drivers for clean audio

  • Ideal for small room

  • The treble/balance might be slightly off when the volume is turned up high

6. Fluance Signature Series – High-end Floor Standing Speaker Pair

Fluance Signature Series - High-end Floor Standing Speaker Pair

Getting quality at a cheap price is difficult today. If you wish to get a quality product, you should have a wallet packed with a thousand bucks to ensure you get the right thing. So, what can people with a decent budget do if they wish to enjoy music at home?

Well, the Fluance Signature Series is up for grabs at a pretty affordable price. It talks about quality, high end sound deliverance, and is designed to please the eyes. This pair of tower speakers masters the art of producing clean and crisp audio through its high-end neodymium tweeters. With its advanced system placed within, the speakers are known to produce strong bass with quality audio even at higher frequencies without distortion.

The mid-range domes allow the sound waves to travel straight through the glass fiber cone, distributing equally to produce a sound that is balanced and controlled. Furthermore, the Fluance Signature Series comes with 8 inches woofers that play their part in sound clarity, helping the audio to remain clean even at the lowest of frequencies.

Adding more to its fabulous features, these speakers are intelligently crafted from MDF wood with clean edges that make it a masterpiece to adorn. Acoustic quality, firm body, and advanced system are what the new Fluance Signature Series is all about!

  • Affordably priced

  • Made from MDF wood that promises durability

  • High-end neodymium tweeters for quality surround sound

  • Glass fiber cones produce balanced audio

  • Clean and crisp sound at high frequency

  • The sound does not distort at low frequency

  • The treble is blatant 

7. Sony SS-CS3 Floorstanding Speaker – Quality under 500

Sony SS-CS3 Floorstanding Speaker - Quality under 500

When talking about electronics and related equipment, not mentioning Sony would be nothing less of a sin. The company has been operating for decades and satisfying its customers with quality products.

Now, it is time to talk about another one of the best tower speakers, the Sony SS-CS3 floor-standing speaker. It comes with an impedance of 6 Ohm and features 1-inch polyester tweeter supported by a ¾ inches super tweeter that allows it to fill a decent-sized room with a clean and loud stereo.

To give you a rich acoustic experience, this pair of tower speakers consist of 3-way speaker design with durable cabinets. Although most floor standing speakers are known to create a resonance that can ruin your experience, this one, on the other hand, is created in a way that it reduces rocking resonance so that you get to groove to loud thuds and beats without having to worry about unnecessary floor vibrations.

Thanks to the Wide-Dispersion Super Tweeter System, the audio is distributed equally around the room without compromising on the quality. These Sony speakers can manage to amp up audio up to 50 kHz without crumbling high frequency. Doesn’t matter if you wish to play songs with lower notes or enjoy action movies with high-frequency sound, these speakers will manage the audio beautifully for you so that at the end of the day, you’re happy to own a product as amazing as this one!

  • 1-inch polyester tweeter with ¾ inches super tweeter for high-end acoustic experience

  • Wide-Dispersion Super tweeter System for equal distribution of sound

  • Can stretch sound quality up to 50 kHz without crumbling

  • Strong cabinet design for rocking-free resonance

  • Easy to install

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Affordably priced

  • Compatible with most receivers

  • Powerful and controlled bass

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

8. Cerwin Vega XLS-215 – Floor Standing Speaker Review

Cerwin Vega XLS-215 - Floor Standing Speaker Review

These beast speakers have been created by Cerwin-Vega, a label that knows how to satisfy its client’s with the best quality products.

As compared to other tower speakers, this one works at a maximum of 500 watts output power. It is designed with a 1-inch cone tweeter filled with Ferrofluid so all you get to enjoy an unhindered stereo at home!

The dome-shaped cone is impregnated with a 6.5-inches fiber woofer that controls bass to produce quality sound at high frequencies. The in-built Mid and High-Frequency Waveguide and fuse protection guarantee coherent sound quality for the longest hours.

The Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 floor standing speakers are all about durability and long-lasting performance. What makes this pair even better is the thick frame that adds to its durability. So, even if your kid somehow manages to throw it on the ground with force, the frame won’t break even an inch!

  • In-built Mid and High-Frequency waveguide

  • Fuse protection for long-lasting performance

  • Woofers with fiber impregnated in a cone for top-quality sound

  • Maximum power output: 500 watts

  • Tweeters filled with Ferro Fluid for distortion-free audio at high and low frequency

  • Thick, durable frame

  • Strong and powerful bass

  • The frame comes with edges which might not be very pleasing

9. Onkoyo SKF-4800 – A Speaker Within Budget

Onkoyo SKF-4800 - A Speaker Within Budget

Standing at 40 inches high, the Onkyo SKF-4800 talks about the pleasurable acoustic experience!

This pair measures at 11.2 inches width and 12 inches deep, making it a piece of pretty heavy equipment to lift and install. But with the amazing features that it has to offer, you’ll be tempted into buying a pair right away!

It comes embedded with 6.3-inches woofers and 1-inch soft tweeters that work together to create high-end sound quality that is good to the ears. The stylish Onkoyo speaker has a rear panel that contains bass ports that are compatible with most connection plugs including banana plugs.

Not only is it manufactured with style and rich outlook but performs to satisfy you with its audio quality. The promise of delivering a clean, crisp, detailed, and high-quality stereo is definitely fulfilled by this model by Onkoyo.

  • Modern and stylish design

  • 6.3-inches woofers for quality sound

  • Bass ports compatible with most connection plugs including banana plugs

  • The sound may seem compressed and low

10. Polk Audio T50 – Floorstanding Speakers under 300

Polk Audio T50 - Floorstanding Speakers under 300

What if you were told that now you can enjoy loud music for just under $300? Well, with Polk Audio T50 you surely 

This set of speakers produces some pretty impressive sound using it 1-inch tweeter and 6.5-inches drivers and bass radiators. It can easily amp up a small room with clean, crisp music and strong bass.

The Polka Audio T50 comes with a wide range of channels which lets you enjoy your favorite songs with any hindrance and disturbance. Just set it up and you’re good to go! What more can one ask for at a price so low? This one is definitely worth buying, promising to deliver value for money by not disappointing you at all!

  • Affordable and cheaply priced

  • Drivers, tweeters, and bass radiators produce loud, clean audio with strong bass

  • Multiple channels

  • The sound quality may decrease at high frequency

  • For some, the bass might not be strong enough

How To Choose the best floor standing speakers under 1000

To ensure you choose the best floor standing speaker for yourself, here is a guide to help you through:

Top-notch Performance

If you’re investing in a gadget, you’ll want to attain top-notch performance. When buying a floor-standing speaker, power wattage, sensitivity, and frequency range. 

The higher these three will be, the better will be the performance.


The controllers not only make up the structure of the tower speakers but also influence its performance. If you want to enjoy clean, synchronized, and loud music, opt for a speaker with multiple drivers and in-built woofers.


Before heading out to buy a pair of tower speakers, decide upon your budget so that within that range you can enjoy a quality product.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Do you need a subwoofer with floor standing speakers?

Although, most speakers have a strong bass which does not require you to have a subwoofer, in case you wish to enjoy super loud music, attaching one with it won’t hurt.

Are tower speakers better than bookshelf speakers?

This completely depends on what you like and the space in your home. If there is less space, a bookshelf is a worthy option. But if you want to play loud music and have enough space to accommodate bigger speakers, go for tower ones without a doubt.

How to install tower speakers?

With floor standing speakers, you do not need any wall mounting and tools. All you need to do is place them a distance of 3-feet from your wall, plug-in the receivers, and your good to go!


This top 10-floor standing speakers list has been put together to help people who have little knowledge of such things yet wish to buy one for them. Remember, before you rush into buying equipment, consider factors like performance, drivers, and other features to help you find the right fit!

Last Updated on January 4, 2021