10 Best DJ Speakers Reviews and Guide For In 2021

Do you love moving a leg to your favorite beat? Love partying all night long with music amplified, echoing around the house? If yes then, you surely need something to blow life into your parties. Of course, a traditional stereo won’t work great when you have crazy music friends visiting you for fun!

Let the music beat loud with good DJ speakers-yes, you heard it right! To make sure your parties are fun and entertaining and loved by everyone, grab your favorite pair of DJ speakers to amplify the sound. But with such an overwhelming variety available in the market, choosing the best DJ speakers for you can be quite a task.

For people who love living life to the fullest while enjoying the clean and clear sound, here are the best DJ speakers that will give you an experience that is surreal for sure!

QSC K12- Best Powered Speakers
Yamaha DXR8
Electro-Voice ELX200-15P
Bose F1 Model 812- DJ
Mackie SRM650 15 inches
JBL Professional EON615
Yamaha DXR15 Speaker
Rockville Pair Dual 15 inches
Mackie Thump 12A
AKUSTIK Powered PA Speaker

1. QSC K12- Best Powered Speakers for DJ

QSC K12- Best Powered Speakers for DJ

If crystal clear sound is what you are looking for then the QSC K12 is the speaker you should be going for. This one is the best in town with low noise and amplified sound, giving you beats that are distortion-free and crisp.

The 2000 Watt Class-D amplifier module enhances the sound produced while throwing it over a larger area without distortion. You heard it right! the DMT and advanced onboard DSP system instilled in these speakers work on sound quality, optimizing performance by providing a strong bass with crystal clear sound that covers a large area without breaking a note.

Hence, if you’re looking for the best-powered speakers for DJ, with strong sound and bass, the QSC K12 is an ideal choice, lightening up your parties with fun and music. Mount it on the wall or place it on a stand and your good to go!

  • Easy mounting

  • Powerful sound and bass

  • Crystal clear sound

  • Low noise and distortion-free sound

  • Heavy

  • Difficult to carry around

2. Yamaha DXR8-Professional DJ Speakers

Yamaha DXR8-Professional DJ Speakers

If you’re looking for high-quality go-to speakers for your DJ show, do not miss out on the Yamaha DXR8, truly professional in every way! 

Yamaha has always satisfied its clients with products that are of amazing quality, thus, when talking about the latest and quality equipment, their product line will surely amaze you with its fantastic offerings. This is durable and compact, being one of the best in the line.

The in-built DSP technology gives you loud sound without breaking up, hence all you get to do is experience crystal clear notes without distortion. For a professional DJ show, pair it up with Yamaha’s subwoofers and watch the crowd go crazy over your talent!

Versatility in performance is what this speaker offers! From solo musicians to professional DJs, this speaker provides you with easy functionality options and comfortable plug-ins. So, whether it is about plugging-in your acoustic guitar or high-level microphones, the Yamaha DXR8 will handle it all with great care.

  • Versatile

  • Powerful surround sound

  • Best for both professional and solo players

  • In-built 3-channel mixer

  • DSP controller for maximum output

  • Compact and durable

  • Heavier as compared to an average speaker

  • Less wattage

3. Electro-Voice ELX200-15P-Speakers for DJ Controller

Electro-Voice ELX200-15P-Speakers for DJ Controller

This speaker is the master of all when it comes down to producing larger than life sound. Yes, you heard it right! The Electro-Voice ELX200-15P DJ speaker measures at a height of 15 inches and creates a sound that is powerful yet clear.

The energy-efficient design with in-built DSP and synchronization options ensures you get professional results all the time! Additionally, it comes with Ev QuickSmart Mobile application, making wireless configuration and control effortless. If your searching for a powerful speaker with amplified sound, that can hit a large crowd hard with its crisp beats, this one is surely one to grab!

Also, the ZLX-three-handle design makes the new Electro-Voice ELX200-15P easy to lift; hence, you don’t need extra equipment or people to carry it away! Its fantastic design and amazing features will make you fall in love with it!

  • Great for a larger crowd

  • Energy efficient

  • In-built DSP system and various synchronization options

  • QuickSmart Mobile application for wireless configuration

  • ZLX-three-handle design for easy lift

  • Although easy to lift, the speaker is heavy and big

4. Bose F1 Model 812- DJ Speaker with Built-in Amp

Bose F1 Model 812- DJ Speaker with Built-in Amp

Next place on the list goes to the Bose F1 Model 812, a DJ speaker with a built-in amp to create a magical environment with its clear and crisp sound.

This professional speaker comes in four different patterns, “straight”, “C”, “J” and “Reverse J”, giving you a great opportunity to choose a style that best suits your needs. It has been cleverly designed around fulfilling all your basic “speaker” needs which include 1000 wattage and 8-driver design with a 12-inch woofer that promises to produce clear sound covering a larger area without any distortion.

To ensure the music produced from the speakers is noise-free, the Bose F1 Model 812, the woofers use low-frequency input. Even though the speaker is energy-efficient, the magnitude of sound that it can produce is unimaginable and pleasantly shocking! It uses Flex technology that allows you to manually change channels from F! And set it according to your requirement.

This cleverly designed Bose speaker can be mounted on the wall or placed along with your DJ equipment for an impactful performance. Even if you are a solo player who likes entertaining small gatherings of friends and family, do not shy away from making an impact with this superb speaker!

  • Flexible design and configuration

  • Setting and channel can be changed manually

  • Great for both small and large gatherings

  • Comes along with a 12-inch woofer for amplified sound

  • Different mounting options including tripod mount with 1.37 inches socket, stackable with subwoofer

  • The woofer is sold separately

5. Mackie SRM650 15 inches- Best Portable DJ Speakers

Mackie SRM650 15 inches- Best Portable DJ Speakers

The designers of Mackie created this masterpiece for musicians always on the go. Because for professionals it is not a feasible option to always carry heavy equipment along, they need speakers that are lightweight and durable, which is exactly what this model promises to provide.

Although the speaker frame is made out of wood yet it still weighs less as compared to other speakers available out there. It comes embedded with DSP system high definition audio procession functions for quality sound, at 1600 watts, you can be sure of enjoying clear and crisp sound in a surrounding that is filled with natural beauty. 

The wood cabinets make it durable, giving the equipment enough strength to withstand frequent travels without harm. It is compact and easily portable which is why musicians who travel to showcase their talent love taking the Mackie SRM650 along! And yes, the feedback destroyer button allows you to record music fearlessly!

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Strong, wooden frame for promised durability

  • Easy to use and operate

  • 1600 power wattage for powerful sound

  • In-built DSP and audio processing system

  • Best for musicians who are always traveling

  • Feedback destroyer for filters

  • Fewer options for personalization

6. JBL Professional EON615 – Best DJ Speaker Under 500

JBL Professional EON615 - Best DJ Speaker Under 500

Just under $500, the JBL EON615 is a deal not to be missed. It is very well crafted with the latest technology including Waveguide technology and Bluetooth, both of which make it easy to operate. This DJ speaker comes along with an in-built class D amplifier along with integrated woofers that makes sure each beat that leaves the metal box is loud and clear!

While the Waveguide technology ensures that the high/low frequencies are managed with great care, the four-handle design makes the speaker easily portable, hence giving musicians a clear chance at taking advantage of the most advanced equipment to showcase their talent. The indexed feet molded into the enclosures make it easy to store and transport, taking less space among all other items.

In short, the new JBL EON615 is user-friendly, highly flexible, and durable with functions that will make any professional musicians happy to own it!

  • Waveguide technology for clearer sound

  • Bluetooth technology for easy control

  • Built-in amplifier and integrated woofer for greater throw

  • Four-handle design for easy carrying and transportation

  • User-friendly and durable

  • Affordable

  • The Bluetooth function works only with the JBL app and not otherwise

7. Yamaha DXR15 Speaker- Best Speakers for DJ Controller

Yamaha DXR15 Speaker- Best Speakers for DJ Controller

Weighing around 59.5 pounds, the Yamaha DXR15 does weight heavy but will surely amaze with its characteristics. The speaker uses an external power resource to kick-off and comes embedded with a three-channel mixer and an EQ control which makes it super convenient and easy to use.

It comes protected with a DSP system and is powered at a 1000 wattage that ensures crystal clear sound every time! No matter you have a large crowd to entertain or wish to enjoy your favorite video game with surround sound, the Yamaha speaker will make it all possible for you.

And because Yamaha is trustable when it comes to quality products, you can be sure that this model DJ speaker won’t disappoint you either!

  • Easy to use

  • Three-channel mixer and EQ control for easy use

  • In-built DSP system

  • 1000 wattage for powerful sound

  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use

  • Can manage high/low frequencies without distortion

  • Heavier as compared to other speakers

  • Expensive

8. Rockville Pair Dual 15 inches 3000 Watts Speakers- DJ Speakers Under 300

Rockville Pair Dual 15 inches 3000 Watts Speakers- DJ Speakers Under 300

Designed with simplicity, the Rockville DJ speaker is here for a reason! It comes with a 3000 power wattage, which means the clear sound is what you’ll get even after hours of playing! This passive speaker comes instilled with high-quality crossover and long-throw woofer that ensure clean production of sound.

If you’re a musician who conducts shows globally, the Rockville speaker is what you need! It comes with a trolley handle and wheels making it easily portable. This DJ speaker has easily switchable volts with switch on inputs and outputs, which allows you to use it anywhere in the world with a problem!

All you need is to plug it in, clip your microphone, and start performing. But remember, because these speakers are passive, meaning they do not come with an in-built amp, you cannot directly attach it to your computers or DJ controller. If you’re a professional DJ looking for something super affordable, the Rockville speakers will work great but with it, you’ll have to buy an amplifier to gain the required sound quality.

  • Simple design

  • 3000 power wattage for clean sound

  • Trolley handle and wheels for easy transportation

  • Comes along with a microphone

  • Affordable 

  • Lightweight

  • Pole mount socket for easy installation

  • Need amplifier for better bass

9. Mackie Thump 12A- Active DJ Speakers

Mackie Thump 12A- Active DJ Speakers

Ready for a musical party that will send chills down your spine? If you’re looking to host a party with full amp, thump and beat than you definitely need the Mackie Thump 12A to make it a huge success.

This active DJ speaker comes with a 1300 watt power and built-in class D high output woofers that produce loud sound without distortion. What makes this equipment even better is the titanium cone compression driver that is covered with next-generation system protection and thermal lining, keeping the speakers safe and guaranteeing durability over a lifetime.

The Mackie Thump 12A has been cleverly manufactured with Dynamic Bass Response technology that allows it to produce chest-thumping low-end bass like never before. Once on the dance floor and these speakers in the back, you’ll feel the thump crawling up your legs and forcing you to shake!

And the water-resistant bag inside the package works as the cherry on the top! Yes, you heard it; this DJ speaker comes with a water-proof bag that consists of pouches and cardholders, giving you a complete package at the best possible price. Additionally, the wireless technology gives you an extra benefit of managing your favorite equipment from any corner of the room.

So now, not only do you get a super powerful DJ speaker by Mackie but also a durable travel bag which will make the transportation of the speaker easy and convenient. Also, the Wide Z-technology handles microphones, lines and instruments with ease, producing strong bass with no noise. 

  • Dynamic Bass Response technology for chest-thumping bass

  • Wireless and wide z-technology for easy control and handling of microphones, lines ad instruments

  • Titanium drivers covered with thermal lining and next-generation protection system for durability

  • Water-resistant bag for easy transportation

  • Compact and portable

  • Lightweight

  • Some might find it expensive as compared to other average DJ speakers

10. AKUSTIK Powered PA Speaker System- Outdoor DJ speakers

AKUSTIK Powered PA Speaker System- Outdoor DJ speakers

The AKUSTIK speaker system comes with all the gadgets that you need to make a show successful! The complete set includes 1 active subwoofer, 1 passive subwoofer, 8 speakers, 2 adjustable speaker stands, a speaker line, 6 speaker cables, and a remote control along with a manual. But of course, something as good as this doesn’t come cheap!

This PA speaker system comes pre-installed with Bluetooth wireless technology, giving you limitless streaming options to enjoy your music. With RMS 1000 watts and 4000 watts peak power, the AKUSTIK system is ideal to entertain a large gathering set outside in a huge venue.at this power wattage, the speakers ensure to manage high/low frequencies equally well without ruining the sound quality. Because AKUSTIK understands, the distorted sound is never pleasing to the ears!

You get 4-channel mono and stereo inputs with it along with good compatibility with integrated USB and SD card slots. If you have an iPod or a USB full of your favorite songs, this system will easily pick it up and play for your entertainment.

This PA system comes along with remote control for easy usage plus subwoofers that ensure the music that reaches your ears is of high quality!

  • A complete set with subwoofers, remote control, and cables

  • Up to 4000 wattage power for high sound quality

  • Bluetooth wireless technology

  • 4-channel mono and stereo inputs

  • Compatible with USB and SD cards

  • Strong bass and distortion-free sound

  • Handles for easy transportation

  • Expensive

  • Difficult to reach out to AKUSTIK’s technical support in case of a problem or defect

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best DJ Speakers

Choosing equipment that best suits your needs can be overwhelming and exhausting. The marketplace is packed with some amazing options that a person with no prior experience of buying a DJ speaker will surely get confused. This guide here is to help get through the decision of choosing the right thing for yourself. From expensive speakers to the most powerful ones, what makes a DJ speaker the best can be known from the list below.

Studio Speakers or PA Speakers

 First thing first, you need to decide what goal you wish to achieve from speakers like these. Whether you are aiming at hosting a professional concert with a larger crowd or a small party of friends and family at home, because for each purpose, you need a different kind of a speaker.

As far as the studio speakers are concerned, these are designed for smaller spaces like studios or rooms walled from all four sides. These last for a few good hours only, which means playing music at home all night long won’t be an option with this one.

On the other hand, PA speakers are ideal for huge shows and concerts that need powerful systems to produce crystal clear sound for longer hours without breaking a beat.

Active/Passive Speakers

While active speakers have everything installed inside of them including an amplifier, with a passive speaker, you need to buy an amplifier for better sound. Amongst the two, the passive speakers are much affordable than the other but when talking about an advanced system, active speakers are a better option.

The Bass

Distorted sound can be more of a pain rather than a pleasure to the ears. You wouldn’t want to ruin your favorite song just because the speakers started acting up weird. To ensure your music is free of distortion and noise, it is important to opt for a speaker with strong bass. The stronger the bass line, the clearer will be the notes!

The Speaker’s Power

Looking for a speaker to entertain a small gathering? Or searching for equipment that will justify your music talent while catering to a larger crowd? Well, the power of your speaker will surely decide for you! A DJ speaker with 400 watts power is decent enough to energize a room full of people. On the other hand, for larger gatherings or crowds, go for a speaker with more than 1000 watts for better sound quality.

Low/High-Frequency Range

What distinguishes a good DJ speaker from the best one? It is the range of frequencies it can handle. The best DJ speaker should be able to reproduce sound at both high and low frequencies without distorting the notes and creating noise.


If you’re starting off a DJ just right about now, investing in a speaker that is expensive and technical isn’t a very intelligent move. You’ll find pretty decent DJ speakers on a low budget and once you are earning good enough, update your system and go for something more complicated, but remember, even than decide your budget before heading out to purchase the equipment.

Size of the Cone

Someone wisely said that “size matters”, especially when you talk about DJ speakers. The bigger the cone size, the better the sound will be. Bigger speakers mean that they come embedded with amplifiers and can handle low/high frequencies equally well. A passive speaker with a smaller cone will not be able to handle high-frequency sound, thus distort the notes and create noise.

In short, go for an average-sized speaker that is good at managing sound at different frequency ranges!

Weight and Durability

Are you in search of a DJ speaker that is packed with amazing characteristics, cost low, and is easy to transport? If you’re a professional DJ who has to travel more often, find a speaker that weighs less. Although active speakers have everything fixed inside and make an ideal choice for a professional, the weight can make it hard to carry around.

On the contrary, passive speakers weigh less, making them a fine choice for musicians always on the go. Also, for ensure durability while on the move, opt for speakers that have internal braces made of either titanium or steel only!

Why Should You Own DJ Speakers?

DJ speakers are EXPENSIVE! Thus, you wouldn’t end up spending on something worthless. But with these speakers in the gossip, you’ll surely be spending right if you’re one of those who love grooving and shaking!

A shout out to all the music lovers here is why you should at least own a single pair of DJ speakers today:

Clear Sound

Distorted sound with lots of noise can genuinely ruin your whole “music” experience. What if your stereo goes crazy suddenly in the middle of a house welcome party? The situation in mere thoughts is embarrassing in itself. To save yourself from being ashamed, you need speakers to amp up the music!

These speakers produce clear sound, without any distortion as long as you want! So, your party can go on all night long with the music beating loud!

Enhancing your “TV” and “Gaming” Experience

Even if you have a bigger screen to enjoy your favorite shows or play your most loved game, a poor surround sound system can ruin the whole “experience” for you. To experience larger than life reality, install a DJ speaker in your house, and be mesmerized!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Planning to buy a DJ speaker anytime soon? A million questions will surely be crossing your mind. Thus, if you have no idea what to buy and how to do it, here are a few commonly asked questions about speakers whose answers will definitely help you buy the right thing.

1. Which speakers should I buy, Active or Passive ones?

This completely depends on your usage. If you want speakers to entertain a larger crowd or professional purpose, active speakers are what you would want to buy. Or else for home use, passive speakers will serve you well.

2. Are DJ speakers expensive?

Yes, if you’re looking for quality and durable equipment, you’ll have to spend more. But a few labels are offering good quality speakers at a lesser price, so it all depends on what you’re looking for!

3. What power wattage is ideal for playing music in a gathering of more than 200 people?

If you have to host a bigger party with more people outdoor, look for speakers offering 1000+ power wattage. The ones lower than this will only produce quality sound at a higher frequency while being unable to manage clean beats at a lower frequency.

4. Do I need speakers with my DJ controller?

Yes, especially in case of playing music in a huge crowd or else, only the front runners will be able to enjoy while those at the back will get bored and return.

5. Which speakers can easily be attached to a computer or DJ controller?

Active speakers come with in-built amps which makes it highly compatible with computers and controllers. On the other, with passive speakers, you need to buy subwoofers for stronger bass which is why most of them cannot be directly connected with computers or controllers.

6. Do I need to buy a subwoofer?

Although most Active speakers come embedded with subwoofers, in case you are opting for a much cheaper priced speaker with no subwoofer, you might have to buy one separately for better sound quality.

The Final Verdict!

From Yamaha to Bose, many labels are selling budget-friendly DJ speakers with decent sound quality. No matter what your budget is, whether you’re looking for a small DJ speaker or a big one, never set yourself on cheap quality.

When buying a DJ speaker, know what purpose do you want it to serve. Because this is a one-time investment, you wouldn’t want to end up the wrong thing for yourself! No matter big or small, expensive or cheap, the most important thing about a speaker is the sound quality! If you want your friends to enjoy music, lyrics, and harmonies that touch the heart, choose a speaker that produces sound without noise and distortion, or else it can ruin the whole experience for you! 


Last Updated on February 25, 2021