Best Bass Headphones Reviews & Guide In 2021

Are you one of the bass-freaks like us? Do you love the way your body is in sync with that certain bass-rich song? Well, so do we.

And on that note, we have an exciting piece of news for you; the post before you lists the top 10 best bass headphones to ever exist! Yes. You read that right. This all-embracing guide is all that your bass-loving brain subconsciously craved for. And you know what they say; if you truly wish for something, the entire universe assists you in achieving it.

So, well, for one thing, we’re proud of you to have been so dedicated. Secondly, we congratulate you on achieving your goal and finally reaching the place of your dreams: where all the very best bass headphones come together.

Don’t step back if you consider yourself a newbie in the audio world, for we have also explained all the technical stuff in the simplest possible terms in the buying guide below. No need to hold back more – let’s dive straight in!

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nuraphone — Wireless Bluetooth⭐⭐⭐⭐
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sony WHXB900N Noise⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Meze 99 Classics⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
COWIN E8 Bass Headphones⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fostex T40RP MK3⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
V-MODA Crossfade M-100⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
1MORE Triple Driver⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Top 10 Best Bass Headphones

1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Over-Ear Studio Monitor HeadphonesTop Rated

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Over-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones

Premium and bass-rich, the Beyer DT 990 PRO Over-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones are the best bass headphones under 200. These deep base headphones offer a dynamic sound quality, sturdy build, and comes at a reasonable price!

At a glance, the greyish aesthetics of the headphones make the user experience delightful, especially if you are fashion-passionate too. These wired open-back headphones feature a sturdy steel headband and cushion-like ear cups.

While the usage of high-grade materials gives these headphones a robust quality, the soft ear cups add comfort to the wearing experience. You can use them for hours without any ache.

However, according to various users, the steel headband isn’t quite flexible. So, users with a larger head might not find it comfortable. It is likely to squish in, making longer listening periods inconvenient.

As for the performance, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro are headphones with bass you can feel. It has a strong bass and treble sound. The open-back design makes sound spacious and airy.

Plus, the wide stereo image and transparency delivered by Beyerdynamic headphones makes it an amazing tool for monitoring music and mixing. Undeniably, the best bass over-ear headphones for studio applications and professional usage.

  • Aesthetically-pleasing

  • Sturdy build 

  • Exceptional sounds

  • Strong bass 

  • Professional use

  • Not so comfortable

2. Nuraphone — Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones – Premium Pick

Nuraphone — Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Browsing for the best extra bass headphones under 500, you are not likely to find the Nuraphone on the front. You will come across Sennheiser, Audio Technica, and similar names. Well, it is prominently because the company Nura is a new Australian start-up. However, residing underneath the surface of the brand hierarchy, the Nura Nuraphone Headphone is a gem!

This premium, feature-rich headphones offer everything an audiophile would desire. Plus, the well-thought construction and integrated components make these suitable for both novice and experienced audio-listeners. Let’s dive into details!

One look at these headphones will encapsulate you in its beauty. Sleek and smooth, the one-toned black exterior of these headphones is phenomenal. Inside, there is a robust stainless steel headband, aluminum ear cups, and silicone ear cups. Hence, making it sturdy and long-lasting.

Its over-ear design is not too bulky, which makes it convenient for smaller heads. Plus, the hypoallergenic ear cushions make it possible to listen to the audio for hours without any ache. However, the slightly heavyweight construction might reduce comfort for some users.

The Nuraphone Headphones comprise integrated components that augment the bass, making it rich and deep. Its Active Noise Cancelling feature eliminates the ambient noises. So, you can focus on the audio and enjoy it!

Furthermore, the headphones have an enormous battery capacity. These will last for hours on a single charge!

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Exceptional bass

  • Comfortable

  • Good sound quality

  • Active Noise Cancelling

  • Massive battery life

  • Sturdy build

  • Heavyweight

3. Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – Budget Buy

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Although Skullcandy doesn’t have a history of great headphones, the Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone has won the hearts of millions of audiophiles. These headphones offer a premium bass, sturdy build, and an outstanding connection!

The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphones have a modish minimalistic outlook. Its smooth surface offers a glamorous feel to it. These headphones feature a premium metal band and pleather foam ear pads.

It has a robust build that promises immense durability. Meanwhile, the foam earpads apply minimal to no pressure on the ears. Hence, making it possible to listen to long audio sessions.

Similar to other wireless headphones, these have a flexible design using which you can bend the ear cups to fit around your ears better. However, according to several user experiences, the ear cups bend around 5-degrees that may not be convenient for many.

As for the performance, the Skullcandy Crusher is the best bass wireless headphones. The bass is quite powerful and strong, which is an absolute bonus for bass-lovers. Although the higher mids feel slightly recessed, the overall sound production is warm.

These rich bass headphones also provide a super-strong wireless connection. Its latest Bluetooth technology makes the streaming quality outstanding. Plus, its enormous battery capacity allows 40hrs+ usage!

  • Minimalistic outlook

  • Sturdy
  • Powerful bass
  • Strong wireless connection
  • Massive battery capacity
  • Not so comfortable

4. Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Since they come equipped with cutting-edge technology, Sony WHXB900N Noise-canceling headphones are one of the most modish and futuristic headphones on this list. First things first, they offer wireless control, which adds to the portability. These allow the users to go anywhere and anywhere and still be able to enjoy the bass-rich music that they love. The extensive battery life of about 30 hours also makes these bass headphones a perfect pick for those who are always on-the-go.

Now that doesn’t mean Sony WHXB900N doesn’t come with any cables at all. It does come with a 1.2-meter long cable for charging purposes. The company also provides a good-looking carrying pouch and an all-embracing manual.

However, although the manual covers all aspects of handling, it does not ease the process of getting used to the touch controls of the headphones. Users may find it difficult to learn the impact of each control. They may find themselves fiddling with the touch sensors to determine which movement leads to an increase in volume and which one decreases it. But if used frequently, you’ll have no trouble at all.

Moreover, these headphones feature excellent noise cancellation. They block out the ambient noise quite completely, thus offering an enhanced listening experience.

Additionally, the noise cancellation feature guarantees immense clarity in calls. Plus, its super-efficient drivers provide a strong and powerful bass, such that you can feel every beat in your bones.

  • Comfortable

  • Wireless control

  • Excellent Noise Cancellation

  • Extensive Battery Life

  • Minimalistic looks

  • Comes with a customization app

  • Confusing controls

5. Meze 99 Classics over-ear headphones

Meze 99 Classics over-ear headphones

The wooden ear cups and thick headband are the most eye-catching features of the Meze 99 Classic Over-Ear Headphones outlook. Usually, you’ll find leather and metal designs in headphones. However, the usage of genuine wood in Meze 99 makes it unique!

Apart from the wood, the headphones utilize several premium materials in its composition. The Meze 99 Classics features a spring steel manganese headband, cast zinc alloy hardware, electroplated coating, memory foam, and PU leather ear cushions. Unlike other headphones, these contain zero plastic!
Hence, the Meze 99 Classics promise immense durability and a lavish feel to the user experience. You can use them both outdoors and indoors, without fearing any damage.

And, in any circumstance, these headphones do suffer any damage, know that you can get them serviced. The company claims the Meze 99 to be fully serviceable. You can get the components replaced or refreshed anytime!

As for comfort, the thick headband is self-adjusting. It spreads the weight evenly over the head. However, some people have complained against it being too tight. Thus, making long listening sessions inconvenient.

The Meze 99 Classic headphone consists of integrated components that boost the bass in the audio. Plus, the notes are precise and crystal clear. You can hear every instrument in the music, which is ideal for monitoring and mixing.

  • Attractive design

  • Exceptional bass 

  • Sturdy build

  • Adjustable headband 

  • Fully serviceable


  • Not for long listening sessions

6. COWIN E8 Bass Headphones

COWIN E8 Bass Headphones

Stunning and comfortable, the COWIN E8 is perhaps the best bass Bluetooth headphones you’ll ever find in the market. These headphones strike the perfect balance between style and comfort!
The COWIN E8 Bass headphones have a simplistic premium leather exterior that offers glamourous looks. Unlike other headphones in the series, the COWIN E8 does not feature a fancy designing.

Instead, its plain shiny surface radiates a sense of class and sophistication. However, these headphones have a heavyweight construction that makes it impossible to complete long audio listening sessions.
These over-ear headphones feature soft, cushion-like ear cups. Each ear cup comprises an innovative material that has magnetic absorption properties. Hence, improving sound quality over time.

It is capable of 90-degree rotation so that you can fit it securely around your head. And, you can wear these headphones during movement as they won’t ever fall down.
As for the performance, the COWIN E8 headphones have a deep and rich bass. It produces crisp sounds, which makes the overall listening experience delightful.

Plus, its Active Noise Cancelling Technology reduces ambient noise so that you can concentrate on the audio. This particular feature makes these headphones ideal for long journeys and trips.

The COWIN E8 has a wireless operating system. Its Bluetooth function makes it possible to receive calls without interruption. And the built-in microphone augments the overall experience by transferring your voice with clarity. Furthermore, equipped with a rechargeable 545mah battery, the COWIN E8 allows you an amazing 20hrs usage on a single charge!

  • Sleek design

  • Comfortable 

  • Strong Bluetooth connectivity

  • Outstanding sound quality

  • Stable battery life

  • Heavyweight

7. Fostex T40RP MK3 Professional Studio Headphones 

Fostex T40RP MK3 Professional Studio Headphones 

If you’re hunting for sturdy headphones with good bass on a budget, then these Fostex T40RP MK3 Professional Studio Headphones are an idealistic option. Durable and Efficient, these headphones will level up the game with its amazing sound quality!

These headphones are a product of robust craftsmanship. It utilizes high-grade materials, which makes it highly durable. They certainly will not shatter on the slightest of falls.

Plus, these wired headphones have a detachable cable. So, you can let go of the cable when listening to audio outdoors or anywhere else.

Visual aesthetics of the headphones matter a lot as onlookers usually evaluate its performance based on appearance. Unfortunately, the Fostex headphones do a poor job in it. Regardless of its feature-rich profile, the headphones have an ordinary one-toned outlook. However, if you feel purely interested in audio, then this might not be a hurdle.

The engineers at Fostex have equipped these headphones with an innovative RP diaphragm that offers an exceptional sound quality. It delivers a focused yet rich bass. Plus, the treble’s exciting, and the notes are precise. Overall, the sound production is phenomenal that will leave you dancing to the beat!

However, you might not be able to listen to the audio for hours. It is fundamentally because the leather over-ear cups might get inconvenient for some.

  • Sturdy Build

  • Ease of use 

  • Focused Bass

  • Good sound quality 

  • Augmented portability

  • Uncomfortable  Not so attractive

8. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone 

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone 

Are you seeking attractive and efficient headphones for light usage? Well, then these V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear headphones are idealistic! 

At a glance, these silver-colored and stylish headphones will leave any onlooker stunned. It has a metallic frame and a polished exterior. If you’re fashion passionate, then you’ll surely love these headphones. 

Plus, the V-MODA headphones utilize high-grade materials that include leather, stainless steel, and metal. These have a Clinqfold design using which you can fold the ear cups. Thus, making the headphones compact for storage. 

However, despite the high-grade material usage, the hinges make these headphones not so durable. When folding the ear cups in haste, too much pressure on the hinges can break the ear cups. So, you will have to handle the headphones delicately. 

As for the performance, the V-MODA headphones feature a patented 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers that enable them to deliver an exceptional sound quality. The deep bass and vivid notes are enjoyable. Plus, there is immense clarity in the audio produced due to the noise isolation feature.

  • Exceptional sound quality

  • Modish build

  • Compact storage

  • Good bass 

  • Noise isolation

  • Not durable

9. 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones Comfortable Foldable Earphones

1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones Comfortable Foldable Earphones

One of the best bass headphones you can get your hands on. These 1MORE H1707 are a must-have for all. Classified as a bit too pricey, but these headphones are worth the $279 they cost.

These silver headphones are high-resolution certified, offering an extended frequency range of 20Hz-40 Hz. The 1More headphones have three 40 mm graphene dynamic drivers along with audiophile-grade detachable cables, ceramic tweeter, and bass reflector. They have a hyper-realistic and detailed sound stage with the admirable transitions of highs, mids, and bass. Hence, providing an exotic listening experience.

Even if you are in a noisy and crowded place, these headphones let you listen to anything without worrying about the background noise. It is possible because of the isolating ear cups that keep sound from escaping. Although the wires may trouble you, these headphones have a collapsible design, so they easily fit into the deluxe compact traveling case.

The 1MORE H1707 foldable headphones have an adjustable stainless steel leather cushioned headband along with rotatable leather cushioned ear cups. Anodized aluminum alloy forms the ear cups, which ensures longevity and fingerprint resistance. If that’s not enough, these headphones also come with a ½ inch adapter so you can avail the best possible experience in your studio or home theatres. It also comes with a hard case- to carry your headphones during your travels feasibly.

  • Remarkable Frequency Range

  • Realistic Soundstage

  • Sturdy Built

  • Ideal for studio use

  • Perfect for Travelling

  • Exceptionally comfortable

  • Comes with multiple accessories

  • Deluxe Storage Box

  • Expensive Wired

10. Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones

When hunting for the headphones with the best bass, you’re likely to find the Audio Technica ATH-WS1100iS Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones on top of the lists. And why? Well, its feature-rich profile might need some time explaining. Let’s dive in!

Visually, the Audio Technica ATH-WS1100iS has a trendy metallic aesthetics. It resembles the other bass-heavy headphones in its competition. However, its blended looks hide an oasis of amazing specifications underneath the surface. 

These headphones feature innovative 53mm Deep Motion drivers that deliver highly accurate audio. Its vast frequency range adds immense details to the music so that you can listen to every instrument used in the composition. 

Plus, the enormous diaphragm surface creates air movement. This particular movement contributes to the production of a textured and rich bass. It augments the bass of each eyed track to make it enjoyable for bass-lovers!

These comparatively cheap headphones with good bass also make the user experience delightful through its dual-layer ear pads. Each ear pad has an internal layer and a soft outer layer that isolates noise and offers comfort. 

Perhaps, the mere drawback of the Audio Technica ATH-WS1100iS is its build. The headphones have a plastic construction that shows negligible resistance towards damage. Hence, reducing its longevity.

  • Excellent sound quality

  • High bass

  • Comfortable

  • Stylish design

  • Not durable

How to Choose the Best Bass Headphones?

Learning about the top 10 best bass headphones does is not all that you need to do to hunt down the best pair for yourself. You need to be specific about your needs. What exactly do you desire? And what will you need to look into to achieve that? If you find yourself clueless about these questions, then you need not furrow a brow. All of your queries regarding bass-based headphones are ours to take care of, and hence, here are all necessary details about the specifications to consider. Note that you need to understand the impact that each aspect has and determine whether it affects you or not. 

Things to Consider

To buy the best bass headphones, you need to check out the technical specifications of a headphone. Only specs like driver size, driver type etcetera could determine if a headphone will provide amplified bass. But simultaneously, you also ought to look into the construction material and design. You should also look into the price and brand to ensure that you’re investing in a headphone that you can wear comfortably and one that will last longer than others.

Over-ear VS On-ear 

To begin with, consider the structure of the headphones. Fundamentally, there exist two types of headphones, i.e., over-ear and on-ear. The over-ear headphones comprise large ear cups, such that they engulf the whole of your pinna (external ear-cartilage). Thus, blocking the whole of your ear canal and channeling music directly into your ears. They eradicate the ambient noise entirely but also have a greater weight. Hence, they can build up pressure over long listening sessions. The on-ear ones have a slightly smaller size and they tend to fit exactly on your ear. They don’t build up the pressure but may allow some of the ambient noise.

Driver Type & Size

Perhaps, a very important aspect to consider when buying bass headphones is the driver size and type. The types of headphone drivers include planar, electrostatic, and dynamic. Amongst these, planar serves best for bass, followed by electrostatic and then dynamic. Remember, the bigger the driver size, the better the bass would be. Ideally, the best that you can opt for is 53 mm of driver size. But a 40mm driver would do great too.

Frequency Response

The frequency response tells how dynamic a headphone would be. They determine the highs and lows that a headphone would cover.  On average, most headphones cover a range of 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz. However, if you want rich bass headphones with wider frequency, the ideal range would be 4 Hz – 40,000 Hz.


You can check the durability of a headphone pair simply by examining its construction material. If it got crafted from metal or heavy, top-notch plastic material, it’s likely to last longer. You can assess this by reviewing the description or the weight of the headphones. Those that weigh more are likely to have professional-grade internal components like drivers. But if not, it probably features cheap plastic, which may leave your side shortly even if you take great care.

Price & Brand

Well, before you might have begun shopping for these headphones, you might have set aside a budget. Maybe you were looking for the best cheap bass headphones or perhaps high-end bass-heavy headphones. Either way, we hope our list of products caters to your very specific needs. If budget is not an issue, then you can easily go with our premium pick. We assure you, it is the very best of the best. But before you finalize, always check out the brand’s reputation, especially when you’re paying hefty amounts. Invest in products from brands that have been around for a long while and have gained the trust of many, such as Audio Technica. But if you’re not spending much, feel free to explore newer brands too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do headphones require an external amplifier to work properly?

The one-word answer to this is, yes, headphones do require an external amplifier to work properly. An external amplifier can significantly improve the quality of your music. A headphone amplifier works similar to the amplifiers used to power full-sized speakers, but on a relatively smaller scale. It converts the sound waves by the speakers inside the headphones.

2. What songs could help you test the bass of your headphones?

If you plan on testing your headphones to ensure the best results, then you must choose the songs wisely. To check the bass of your headphones, here are two songs that you can use as testers: 

  • Feel the Love by Rudimental
  • Half Light by Wilkinson 

Final Words

Summing up, you now know the ten best bass headphones currently available in the market. Just go through the reviews above and check out if they match your taste, needs, and budget.  But if you find yourself indecisive, we would suggest you go with our top-rated best bass headphones, i.e., Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Over-ear headphones. Trusted by many, these headphones promise a phenomenal bass boost and come equipped with the most efficient driver of all. Their frequency range is also impressive. And collectively,  these features bring about an immersive, bass-rich listening experience. With that said, we hope you end up with the bass headphones of your dreams! Happy buying!

Last Updated on December 23, 2020